2022 remarks the start of a "new normal" after a long period full of ups and downs due to the pandemic. We firmly believe that it is now a good time for both the academics and career development of the students at the school of MSE. PGSOC is the social arm of our school's postgraduate community. PGSOC will always be a shelter for our MSE postgraduates. Our mission is to encourage communication between the students and the school and the students among themselves, to improve the quality of life for the students in our school.

PGSOC aims to bring its students a holistic and active university life through organising a variety of activities ranging from career workshops and poster competitions to informal and formal catch-ups. Our responsibilities also include solving student issues as well as taking in suggestions and supporting initiatives beneficial to the school. With this, PGSOC can act as a bridge between the school and the postgraduate students to ensure the students can gain the most benefit during their time studying at MSE.

The main events held by PGSOC are Postgraduate Poster Competition, Career Workshop - What is next after graduation, Confident Speaking, Industry Site Visit, Peer Mentoring - Welcome BBQ, Lunar New Year, Persian New Year (Nowruz), Eid-ul-Fitr Special Catch up, Outdoor plans, Sports day, Fortnight Friday Social (Online and in-person), etc.

Most notably, Career Workshops are important for gaining necessary skills for post-graduate job hunting such as preparing resumes and how to best handle interviews for those who are looking for their first job. The workshop discusses various career options for STEM Master/PhD graduates, with invited speakers sharing their journeys working in both academia and industry, and advice on how to make the most of your time at UNSW. Discussions included overcoming challenges of the PhD journey, the difficulty of career choices, and how to break barriers and land the desired job after graduation. On the other hand, the Poster Competition is an excellent opportunity for postgraduate students to promote their work to the larger scientific community and to sharpen their presentation as well as communication skills.  

With the recently acquired Arc Return to Campus Grants for T1 2022, we are planning to hold more events this year. Please come join us as we hope to build strong, meaningful social interaction between postgraduate cohorts. 

We wish all postgraduate students of MSE success in their respective research and we look forward to developing with you a strong student community this upcoming year.

You can contact PGSOC via email at MaterialsPGSOC@unsw.edu.au.

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Meet the Executive Team

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Hien Nguyen


I am a President of PGSOC 2022 and will be responsible for planning event ideas, running a range of events for MSE PGSOC. More importantly, ensuring all those events make us - our MSE PG students are always happy. Please feel free to tell us what event you wish to have, and we will make it happen ;)

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Haoze Zhang


I am the vice-president of PGSOC 2022. Right now, I am doing my Ph.D. with Prof. Seidel for my second year. I will be responsible to assist the President in coordinating the activities and administration of the club. We try to spice things up with some board games, table tennis, and all the other activities in our Friday social to help people catch up.

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Henry Vu


I am currently a first-year PhD student under the supervision of Prof John Daniels. My responsibilities with PGSOC mainly include overseeing and planning the budgets for this year events. I am joining PGSOC in hope of getting to know more people who are passionate about the field.

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Cam-Phu Nguyen


Being a secretary in MSE PGSOC 2022, my key attribute is working with other committee members to support all postgraduate students in the School and the varying life experience that you bring from different cultures.

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Hossein Salehi

Arc Delegate

I joined PGSOC to improve the collaboration of international students on our School’s postgraduate society and bring people together. I have a desire to spread my energy to my fellow students and to help them have a better experience of their time at UNSW. I am always fond of making a positive difference! Out of School, I enjoy working out at the gym, swimming, learning music, and going on hiking/camping trips.

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Suchen Huang

Coursework Representative

I am Suchen Huang and come from China. Currently, I’m a coursework postgraduate student in our school. I like almost all ball games especially tennis. In addition, I can play the piano and guitar for my pleasure. I like challenges and exploration. Thus I’m happy to meet and make friends with people from different cultures and nations. Eager to communicate with you guys face to face in the future.

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Xinrui Zeng

Grievance and Social Media Officer

I am honored to be a part of the PGSOC team. I hope our whole team can organize various activities in the new year and add fun to the campus life for the students of the college in their busy academic life.

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Vienna Wong

Peer Mentoring Co-Ordinator

As peer mentor coordinator, I will be responsible for connecting new students with current students. This includes organising activities and events to help students familiarise themselves with the school as well as network with other senior students. It is my goal that every new student feels welcomed and a sense of belonging. If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Yue Jerry Jiang

Event Advisor

Hi everyone, my name is Yue Jerry Jiang. I am doing my second year PhD with Prof. Chris and my project is about the multifunctional catalytic study of semiconductors. For coming year, I worked as the event advisor for PGSOC because I do have some related experiences and would like support student engagement with this experience. I am totally a outdoor person and I love basketball, hiking and Kendo.