In 2023, PGSOC upheld its core mission of nurturing a strong sense of community, prioritizing safety, and promoting well-being among postgraduate students at the School of Materials Science and Engineering. To achieve these objectives, PGSOC organized a variety of events for the postgraduate community, ensuring strict adherence to essential guidelines and restrictions. PGSOC proudly acknowedges the unwavering support of the school and Arc, as they have been instrumental in the success of the events by offering infrastructural, moral and funding support. Through the steadfast dedication and spirit of its members, the society successfully navigated challenges and maintained an environment that was supportive and inclusive for all the postgraduate students. Our 2023 calendar was equipped with boosting activities for our school’s student community, as listed below:

  • Lunar, and Persian (Nowruz) New Year Celebration
  • Industrial Networking Night
  • Peer Mentoring Welcome BBQ
  • Eid al-Fitr Celebration
  • Jamberoo Water Park Adventure
  • Festival of Lights: Diwali celebration
  • Annual Poster Competition
  • Year-end Get-Together and Christmas celebrations

PGSOC curated an diverse combination of events aimed at re-energising our community, fostering connections, and fortifying support networks for postgraduate students in 2023. The events held by PGSOC aimed to cultivate an inclusive and supportive atmosphere while also playing a crucial role in promoting academic excellence, healthy lifestyles, teamwork, and cultural exchange. Our initiatives provided students with opportunities to connect, share insights, and build relationships that contributed to their well-being and academic success. PGSOC is extremely proud to nurture such a strong sense of community.

PGSOC has always embraced cultural diversity, providing events and platforms for students to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of traditions and customs. These assemblies weren't just events; they were vibrant celebrations where students could unite, share stories, and build lasting connections. The remarkable success of these occasions speaks volumes about the dedication of PGSOC members, who dedicated their time and committed themselves to making each event a memorable experience. Looking forward, PGSOC remains deeply committed to fostering an environment where every postgraduate student feels supported and valued. As we embark on the journey into 2024 and beyond, our steadfast commitment to fostering inclusive environments will remain a guiding principle driving us forward.

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Meet the Executive Team

Sanjith Udayakumar Headshot for PGSOC Exec 2024

Sanjith Udayakumar


As the president of one of the lively faculty societies of UNSW and a final year doctoral researcher, I am excited and honored to represent and lead an enthusiastic team of graduate Materials Engineers at UNSW. Having been the treasurer with one of the energetic PGSOC teams last year, the interactions at the diverse meetings throughout the tenure have helped me shape valuable collaborations and long-lasting friendships. An exciting line-up of events- academic and extracurricular, outdoor picnics, and BBQs will provide opportunities for you to socialize with your peers, relax away from your busy research, engage with experts in your favorite fields, and present your research awaits you this year. All our members and colleagues are encouraged to actively participate in society's activities and take full advantage of the resources we offer. Your contributions, ideas, and enthusiasm are indispensable to the growth and success of PGSOC. For any suggestions, feedback, or comments, do remember I’m just an email away…

Headshot of Saman Mostafapoor for PGSOC exec 2024

Saman Mostafapoor

Vice President

In my leadership role at PGSOC, I aim to cultivate an inclusive community, driven by a strong belief in the society's impactful mission and its potential for positive transformations. Beyond this role, I find joy in art, hiking, and quality time with friends. Serving as the Vice President at PGSOC, a dynamic university club dedicated to community leisure and knowledge, is my way of fulfilling social responsibility. This significant side activity, alongside my PhD, contributes to the improvement of my personality. I aspire that my collaboration with peers in PGSOC offers a unique and enriching experience for everyone involved.

Pezhman Mahmoudi Headshot for PGSOC Exec 2024

Pezhman Mahmoudi


I'm thrilled to step into the role of Treasurer for PGSOC. Hailing from the vibrant land of Iran, I bring a diverse perspective and a passion for fostering a sense of community among our postgraduate peers. As a Ph.D. scholar deeply engrossed in the realms of material science and engineering, I believe in striking a harmonious balance between academic pursuits and extracurricular engagement. I see the PGSOC as a dynamic platform that goes beyond the confines of classrooms, offering a space for both professional and personal growth. Join me in navigating the exciting challenges of our field and building lasting connections. Together, let's make this journey filled with shared achievements and camaraderie! Your participation is key to the vibrant tapestry of our PGSOC community.

Aishwarya Jeyakanapathy Headshot for PGSOC Exec 2024

Aishwarya Jeyakanapathy


Hello! I am a second-year master’s student and currently serving as the Executive Board Secretary for PGSOC 2024. I am thrilled to be a part of PGSOC and contribute to its rich legacy of entertaining events. I look forward to fostering connections among my peers and uniting them through the diverse range of PGSOC activities. Beyond my academic pursuits, you might spot me at any of the eastern beaches, as I enjoy spending my time there. I'm eager to meet and engage with all of you at the upcoming events!

Nithin Kumar Murugesan Headshot for PGSOC exec 2024

Nithin Kumar Murugesan

Arc Delegate

I’m the Arc delegate of PGSOC-2024 and a second-year Master of Materials Technology student. My journey with PGSOC began with firsthand experiences of its enjoyable and exceptional activities, motivating me to join the board. I am thrilled to be part of a team that creates memorable experiences for our fellow peers. Outside of my academic endeavors, I am an avid rider and find solace in cruising around on my bike to unwind. Looking forward to meeting everyone at our upcoming events!

Aghni Ulma Saudi Headshot for PGSOC Exec 2024

Aghni Ulma Saudi

Social Media Officer

As a social media officer, I aspire to create more creative and fun contents, as well as informative and useful, for PGSOC’s social media accounts. Besides, as one of the executive members of PGSOC, I also want to use this opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and experience my “studying abroad” life to the fullest. Outside school, I enjoy cooking, playing badminton, singing, and going out to parks and beaches.

Sudheer Reddy Guntaka Headshot for PGSOC Exec 2024

Sudheer Reddy Guntaka

Coursework Students Representative

I am thrilled to be part of the vibrant PGSOC community. My aim in joining PGSOC was to enhance collaboration among coursework students within our School's postgraduate society. I aspire to improve student-experiences by helping organise enjoyable activities and events. I find enjoyment in walking, working out, watching movies, and exploring new places.

Parkarsh Kumar Headshot for PGSOC Exec 2024

Parkarsh Kumar

Grievance Officer

I experienced the warmth of friendship, good advice, and memorable events as a newcomer in Australia, courtesy of the PGSOC community. Now, it's my turn to join PGSOC and actively contribute to its growth with other team members. As a Grievance Officer, I am dedicated to creating a comfortable and joyous environment for Postgraduates. Besides, I like to spend my leisure time on poetry, stories, and world affairs.

Yongxin Lyu Headshot for PGSOC Exec 2024

Yongxin Lyu

Peer Mentoring Coordinator

Being part of PGSOC, I’m here to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. My goal is to support fellow students and help them navigate our school/university’s facilities, ensuring everyone can access resources for both their research and personal interests. Off-duty, I enjoy practicing yoga and playing guitar. Don’t hesitate to grab coffee with me for a break from the lab. Always here for a chat and to support your journey!