In 2022, despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, PGSOC remained unwavering in its commitment to providing support and fostering a sense of community among the postgraduate students of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. While prioritizing the safety and well-being of all members, PGSOC successfully organized a variety of events that adhered to all necessary guidelines and restrictions. The dedication and resilience of PGSOC members allowed the society to overcome these challenges and continue providing a supportive and inclusive environment for postgraduate students. Our 2022 calendar was packed with exciting events, including:

  • Lunar New Year Celebration
  • Career Advancement Workshop
  • Nowruz Festival (Persian New Year Celebration)
  • Collaborative Sports Day with MATSOC
  • Peer Mentoring Welcome BBQ
  •  Eid al-Fitr Celebration
  • International Cuisine Fundraising Fest
  • Blue Mountains Adventure
  •  Festival of Lights: Diwali
  • Annual Poster Competition
  • Year-end Get-Together
  • Biweekly Friday Social Gathering

Throughout the year, PGSOC organized a diverse range of events that aimed to support postgraduate students and foster a sense of community among them. These events were not only successful in creating an inclusive and supportive environment but also played a pivotal role in promoting academic excellence, healthy living, teamwork, and cultural exchange. PGSOC events provided students with the opportunity to connect with each other, share experiences, and form supportive networks. This sense of community was crucial to the well-being and academic success of postgraduate students, and PGSOC was proud to contribute to it.

Celebration of cultural festivals has always been an integral part of PGSOC, and the society was delighted to provide opportunities for students to learn about and appreciate different cultures. The events were organized in a fun and social atmosphere that allowed students to come together and bond over shared experiences. The success of the events was a testament to the resilience and dedication of PGSOC members who worked tirelessly to make them a success. Looking ahead, PGSOC remains committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for the postgraduate students of the School and will continue its efforts in 2023 and beyond.

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Meet the Executive Team

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Hossein Salehi


My goal as the president of PGSOC is to make the society a fun, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone. I joined the society because I believe in its mission and its potential to make positive changes. I also enjoy being able to help our students develop their skills and get the most out of their time at university. Out of school, I enjoy working out at the gym, swimming, learning music, and going on hiking/camping trips.


Mohsen Hajian Foroushani

Vice-President/Arc Delegate

As an executive member of PGSOC, I will do my best to be supportive and creative in holding new activities and events. I believe this is the best way to socialize and give a chance to new students to get to know each other. Moreover, after two unbearable lockdown pandemic years, we should now make up for the lost time. I love spending my free time with plants, birds and animals, and Australia has a unique flora and fauna, so let's be fearless explorers and share the joy of these spectacular sceneries

Headshot of Sanjith

Sanjith Udayakumar

Treasurer/Grievance Officer

You'll find me being called Sanju by my peers. An inquisitive Ph.D. scholar from India with a balanced mix of curricular and extra-curricular interests. To be able to get along with fellow postgraduates in a fun-filled platform was my choice. With responsible budgeting, I generally love being part of our enthusiastic PGSOC team with lots of learning opportunities as an individual and team. I was rooted in the belief that if I treated engineering and science as a mystery, I couldn’t sustain being a part of them. I aspire to meet new people who share the dais of innovation and creativity with me in this journey with PGSOC.

Head shot

Han Zhang


Being a secretary in MSE PGSOC 2022, my key attribute is working with other committee members to support all postgraduate students in the School and the varying life experience that you bring from different cultures.

Head shot

Mengbai Yu

Coursework Representative

I joined PGSOC to improve the collaboration of interna tional students on our School’s postgraduate society and bring people together. I have a desire to spread my energy to my fellow students and to help them have a better experience of their time at UNSW. I am always fond of making a positive difference! Out of School, I enjoy working out at the gym, swimming, learning music, and going on hiking/camping trips.

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Suchen Huang

Social Media Officer

I'm the Social Media Officer of PGSOC 2023 and am currently a second-year master student. For the coming yea, I hope that our team can add fun to the lives of students in the college through various activities. I am also happy to meet and make friends from different cultures and countries.

Materials Science and Engineering Postgraduate Society 2022

Vienna Wong

Peer Mentoring Co-Ordinator

As peer mentor coordinator, I will be responsible for connecting new students with current students. This includes organising activities and events to help students familiarise themselves with the school as well as network with other senior students. It is my goal that every new student feels welcomed and a sense of belonging. If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out