Biomedical & health


Structural materials exhibiting specific functionality to largely functional materials that are designed to interact with biological systems for therapeutic and diagnostic medical purposes. These materials are used in dental devices, orthopaedic implants, artificial organs, implantable devices, artificial skin and drug delivery.


Laboratory for advanced biomaterials & matrix engineering

LAB&ME is an interdisciplinary research group at UNSW Sydney with a broad goal to design materials that unravel matrix structure-cell function relationships.
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Polymer research in therapeutics group

The PRinT group focuses on developing organic bioelectronic devices using novel, functional conjugated polymers and biopolymer composites.

Novel engineered materials for conventional and advanced technologies group

The NEMCAT group applies fundamental concepts and design strategies to develop conventional and advanced ceramic materials with improved performance and new functionalities for industrial technologies.

Laboratory for advanced porous nano-biomaterials

Inspired by natural porous materials, this laboratory focuses on development of advanced porous materials and their composites for medical applications.
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Electron imaging for advanced materials group

The EIAM group applies state-of-the-art techniques in electron microscopy to discover deep links between the structures and functional properties of advanced materials. They apply these techniques to uncover structure-properties links in materials such as light-emitting nanoparticles for sensing, labelling and diagnostics.

Computational granular materials group

The CGM group aims to understand the physics governing the complex behaviour of granular materials and its interactions with surrounding fluid through rigorous simulation and modelling at different time and length scales, facilitated by experimental characterisation.

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