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At AGSE you will find a range of thoughtfully curated learning options, including stackable courses and micro-credentials. 

To highlight your new skills for your network, participants will earn a digital badge upon course completion representing their acquired skills and qualifications. 

From transitioning your field of focus to acquiring new technical and leadership skills applicable to your current role, courses at the AGSE will ensure your career is future-proofed as you lead the rapid changes that continue to shape the world of engineering. 

Learning at the AGSE is flexible with both face-to-face and blended courses that will connect you with a network of peers and contacts to assist you on your career journey. Whether you are looking to update or refresh your technical and leadership skills to move towards your career goals or to invest in the development of your team of engineers, we provide you with tailored learning solutions that align with your business model and company strategy.

Our cohorts offer an interactive and engaging experience led by leading academics from UNSW and industry experts to bring you a premium experience and arm you with innovative tools to excel in engineering.

Short courses

Browse our short course catalogue to upskill in areas such as leadership, management (in collaboration with AGSM), sustainability, risk management and more.  We also offer custom courses and digital badges.

Active transport: Cycleways design
Design and develop best practice cycleways that increase interaction with active transport in your community.
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Net zero: Homes of the future

This course focuses on the design process, design solutions, data and guidelines from a project perspective, to support engineers, planners and designers and provide them with the tools and skills to create more sustainable homes.

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Crowd Safety, Planning and Management

The safety of people in crowds is an integral part of public safety. Past records have shown repeatedly that a lack of understanding of crowd behaviour and poor management can result in catastrophes, injuries and even deaths.

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Grid Integration of Renewables Using PSCAD

Learn critical job-ready skills and excel in the renewable power industry.

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Grid Integration of Renewables Using PSCAD: Advanced

Learn from industry experts and put critical skills in renewable power engineering into practice.

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Leading Community Engagement

Leverage the value of feedback to deliver projects that provide value to the community.

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AGSE Policy into practice: Evidence and implementation for the real world

The effectiveness of policies and programs depends on how well they are designed and supported, but how they are implemented can be even more important. This course studies the development and implementation of policies and projects using case studies from engineering, health, and social policy. 

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AGSE Road Safety

Transport systems consist of three main elements: roads and infrastructures, vehicles, and road users. Human errors have been proven to be a main factor in most road accidents.

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Quantum Computing for Decision Makers
This short course will help you decide if quantum computing is for you. First by teaching you to recognize which fields will be disrupted by qubits, and exactly by how much. Then, by teaching you just enough to understand when you should act.
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Upon completion of individual courses, all participants will earn a digital badge, representing their acquired skills and qualifications. These digital badges are issued by digital credential provider, Credly. 

Digital badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Each badge contains verified metadata that describes the qualification and the process required to earn them.

Representing skills as a badge gives earners a way to share their abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be verified in real time. Badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what was done to earn the credential and the skills acquired. It's an easy, visual way for employers to see where candidates have learned and what they can do.

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