Industry PhD

Two female engineers discussing a project in an industrial office while looking at documents pinned on a glass wall

The UNSW Australian Graduate School of Engineering (AGSE) is now offering an industry-linked research degree for those who seek to expand their skills in their chosen field, and to connect directly and collaborate with future employers while undertaking a flexible, tailored four-year study plan. 

The AGSE Industry PhD Program builds on UNSW’s global reputation for innovation in its engineering programs, and its place as Australia’s number one engineering university. Through this PhD Program, the AGSE welcomes prospective students who are looking to focus their work on addressing a pressing, real-world problem in an industrial setting, while working with a pioneering team at the university.

A PhD degree is fundamentally different to other degrees. Pursuing an industry PhD will additionally equip graduates with an attractive suite of professional and knowledge skills that will give you an enormous edge in the job market, and set you off on one of the most rewarding careers imaginable. Whether that is in fields of industry, or in dedicating a career to academic excellence, this program will set you apart.

Obtaining a higher degree by research teaches you to think critically, to be self-starting and self-directing, to show commitment to a multi-year project, and to understand the creative processes behind research – the discovery of new forms of knowledge. To be awarded a PhD you must demonstrate that you have contributed something original and significant. You will be a world expert in your field. You will then be ideally positioned to apply that knowledge in academic or industrial projects across the country, and around the world.

A UNSW AGSE Industry PhD sets you up to be a world-class technology and innovation leader of the future.

Employers in engineering’s many fields are searching for graduates with a diverse range of applicable skills. Combining your research with industry experience gives you a direct pipeline to those employers well before you graduate, ensuring hands-on, real-time, real-world experience. 

The Industry PhD Program can be tailored to suit your needs and your background, as well as where you’d like to take your career next. Whether that is choosing an industry partnership in the start-up space, working with government agencies, building high performance teams, IP strategy and management, product design or sustainability principles, the options are only limited by the goals you set for yourself. 

For our industry partners, the program will connect you with Australia’s most ambitious and talented new research graduates, allow you to build long-term partnerships with UNSW and its award-winning academic research community, and broaden your access to a talent pool of potential employees and collaborators. 

If you’re ready to unleash your professional experience and embrace world-class research in order to solve ambitious new challenges and have a tangible impact on the world at scale, we invite you to contact us. 

Contact us about the AGSE Industry PhD today or call +61 2 9385 5000.