Our schools

Students on Main Walkway, Scientia building in background

Eight schools, 165+ specialisations

UNSW Engineering is Australia’s largest engineering faculty and ranked one of the top 50 in the world. As a student, you’ll gain the crucial skills and knowledge to prepare you for your career while learning from experts across a wide range of engineering subject areas. Our eight schools offer more than 25 undergraduate and 140 postgraduate engineering specialisations. Discover how we’re becoming the leading problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

We’re the largest and oldest Biomedical Engineering school in the southern hemisphere. We offer high-quality education programs and conduct, as well as translate cutting-edge research into clinical practice to improve the health and lives of people around the world.

School of Chemical Engineering

Our school focuses on advancing Chemical Engineering and Food and Science Technology. We’re solving society’s grand challenges in energy, environment, food and health in one of the best-resourced Chemical Engineering buildings in the world.

School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

We’re proud to be the leading school for Civil and Environmental Engineering education and research in Australasia. Our well-regarded graduates are fully equipped to create practical and sustainable real-world solutions for society.

School of Computer Science & Engineering

We’re the largest school of our kind in Australia with a great impact on society. We advance computing by solving problems that did not exist before. Our students receive a world-leading education, which allows them to become world-building engineers.

School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications

We’re Australia’s largest and most comprehensive School of Electrical Engineering in teaching and research. We’re also one of the top 50 schools globally and a host to world-class laboratory facilities. Our school spans five disciplines – Energy Systems, Telecommunications, Systems and Control, Nano/Micro Systems and Signal Processing.

School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

For more than 60 years, our school has been a world-leader in Mechanical Engineering education, research discoveries and practical translations. We offer exemplar educational programs in Aerospace, Mechanical, Mechanical and Manufacturing and Mechatronic Engineering that thrive upon industry needs.

School of Minerals & Energy Resources Engineering

With minerals and energy industries contributing billions of dollars a year to Australia’s economy, our school’s contributions are now more important than ever. We aim to find innovative solutions to the most complex problems facing local and global industries.

School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering

UNSW is a world leader in renewable energy research and teaching. Home to over 40 years of record-setting innovations in solar, we invite students at all levels to join in the future of solar and renewable energy.