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Students working together in Mechanical Engineering lab
#1 in Australia & #36 Globally

ARWU Ranking in Mechanical Engineering

#3 in Australia & #45 Globally

ARWU Ranking in Aerospace Engineering

#1 in Australia & #49 globally

2023 QS Ranking in Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Manufacturing Engineering

Pioneering a better future

UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is internationally recognised for its excellence in research and teaching. Our mission is to nurture students to become industry leaders who will generate societal, economic and environmental benefits.

Our study areas

Mechanical and advanced manufacturing engineering

Mechanical and advanced manufacturing engineering are intertwined at all points in the process. Everything we use on a daily basis is mechanically engineered, and at one time manufactured.
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Mechatronics and robotics engineering

In the age of smart machines, gain the specialised knowledge needed to create smarter innovative machines that increase human capability across industries, including health and manufacturing.
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Space and Aerospace Engineering

Space and Aerospace Engineering involves design, manufacture, operations and development of flight vehicles and their systems. You’ll have the choice and options to discover your own path.

Nuclear Engineering

When you work in Nuclear Engineering you’ll examine and leverage nuclear concepts which form the foundation of our universe.
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Research & impact

Our research

By combining expertise and technological innovation, we continually strive to expand the boundaries of engineering. We are passionate about our research and collaborate with leading companies, locally and internationally to develop engineering solutions to complex problems.

Research groups

Our research groups are at the forefront of developing pioneering technologies in mechanical and manufacturing processes. Our research has real-world impact, from developing new cancer treatments to revolutionising manufacturing processes. Explore our diverse research areas.


Whether it's creating new processes or designing innovative products for the future, we provide our students with unparalleled experiences. From laser labs to flight simulators, our facilities and teaching spaces will expand your horizons as you work on world changing projects.

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