Program outlines

UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering offers a range of standard, four-year degree programs.

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UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering offers a range of standard, four-year degree programs. As well as combined and concurrent programs, most that can be started from either the start of the year or mid-year. Explore our Undergraduate options and learn what each specialisation entails. 

There are 4 specialisations available to choose from at Bachelor level. All with matching streams designed to enable you to complete your degree in the shortest possible time. There are several options available for whichever specialisation you are interested in. Browse the streams below to find more information on each program. 

The streams above are made up of a range of core courses combined with electives to cater to your interests and strengths. Throughout your program you can undertake courses from up to three different types of electives, depending on your program and plan. Find out more information about disciplinary electives to better plan your study.  

Flexible study options  

All students in the standard engineering streams (Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (3707) or Bachelor of Engineering (3710) if you commenced before 2015), with the exception of Mechatronics, share the first two years. These involve basic: 

  • Science 
  • Mathematics 
  • Engineering  
  • Design concepts 
  • Visualisation  
  • Analysis courses 

We suggest that during your first two years of study at UNSW, you consider your options in terms of interests, personal strengths, and job prospects in various industries. 

First year of engineering study 

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program includes a Flexible First Year stream. This stream is designed for those students know they want to be an engineer but are unsure which direction to take until the end of Year 1.  

The first year of engineering study has a common core of courses, plus a wide choice of electives which allows you to study a number of areas that appeal to you without making a formal commitment until the end of your first year.   

Engineering graduates  

Our graduates have a reputation for combining excellent fundamental knowledge of engineering with practical relevance to industry. The extensive range of degrees available allows a great deal of flexibility in the choice of career and the relevant industry.  

While most graduates start their careers at a technical level, surveys have shown that a high proportion progress to management roles. Senior executives in many industries are graduates from this School.