The Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory covers teaching, research and consulting in various manufacturing processes. This includes mechanical machining, additive manufacturing, and friction and wear.

Additive manufacturing/3D printing research 

Processing & associated equipment

  • SLM Solutions 125 HL Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine 
  • GE Concept Laser Mlab 200R Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine 
  • High Temperature FDM Polymer Printer (e.g., PEEK printing) 
  • High Temperature Vacuum Furnace 
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIPPing) 

Research activities and interests

  • Development of various materials for additive manufacturing; 
  • Design and simulation for additive manufacturing, e.g. final parts production with improved functional part characteristics; 
  • Processing-microstructure-property relationship in additive manufacturing; 
  • Hybrid additive manufacturing; 
  • Advanced materials and structures; 
  • Qualification and certification for additive manufacturing 


  • Location: Lab 110, Willis Annexe 
  • Laboratory Officer-in-Charge: Mr Ben Willis 
  • Academic-in-Charge and Research Staff: Dr Xiaopeng Li