Meet some of our esteemed alumni who have made a significant impact in their field and learn what it takes to make your qualification count. If you’ve achieved excellence in your industry or specialist area, get in touch to find out how you can join this prestigious list.

Jason’s UNSW degree helped him to fly high

Jason felt that being in the aerospace industry would challenge him and give him the opportunity to work on the latest innovations with cutting-edge technologies.

Harry’s work at Cochlear improves the lives of many

“Mechatronics Engineering is the future. As the interaction between software and hardware grows, it is the mechatronics engineer who builds the link”, says alumnus Harry.

Divya was fascinated by space – now she controls satellites

Space has fascinated Divya ever since she learnt about it in high school physics – it’s the reason she decided on aerospace engineering.

Stepping out his comfort zone led Max to a successful career in Engineering

Like many engineers, Max looks for solutions to problems or opportunities to create order out of chaos – and believes there always is one.