If you’re looking for intelligent and innovative thinkers with a future perspective or have a project that needs some extra support, we have students that are eager for experience. To support their coursework, we provide our students with opportunities to: 

  • Undertake industrial training 
  • Participate in networking events 
  • Attend careers fairs 
  • Apply for industry supported prizes

Each year the quality of our graduates from UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering grows. Our alumni frequently rank among the top engineers in the world and work with some of the most innovative and influential organisations in the field. 

Sponsor a scholarship or prize 

At the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering we love to encourage our students and reward their efforts with scholarships and prizes.   


At the beginning of the academic year, scholarships are awarded to students who’ve displayed academic merit, overcome difficult personal circumstances or demonstrated sporting excellence. Our scholarships are available to local and international students studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification. 


We have prizes for students who’ve shown academic merit in undergraduate degrees. There are prizes for every specialisation and year group, that are usually awarded to the top student in a class.   

These scholarships and prizes would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Our current prizes have been donated or sponsored by companies, industry bodies, past academics and the families of the field's leading minds. 

For more information, or to sponsor a prize or scholarship, please contact Dr Chris Menictas

Employ a student for industrial training 

All students studying an engineering program at UNSW must complete a minimum of 60 days of approved industrial training. This helps to ensure that our graduates have the necessary practical skills to be effective professional engineers. 

Industrial training must take place during the student’s degree. Students may undertake industrial training either in a block of full-time work (e.g. over the summer break), or one or two days per week over a number of months. Industrial training can be completed with a single employer or across multiple work placements and traineeships can be for less than 60 days. 

Benefits of Employing a Student 

  • New perspective: you’ll have access to an enthusiastic student who has completed 2-3 years of study 
  • Graduate recruitment opportunity: trial potential graduate employees with limited obligations – the industrial training program is a very low-cost recruitment process 
  • Training future employees: industrial training students who later join your organisation will better understand your business 
  • Enhance your employer branding: improve the visibility of your company amongst our student population 
  • Provide leadership and development training opportunities: train your junior employees to supervise the industrial training students to expand their skillset 
  • Grow your scope: undertake projects or other work outside of your normal business operations – e.g. R&D, process improvements, etc. 
  • Benefit from industry research: link with fourth year thesis topics and industry-based research 

For more information, please visit the UNSW Engineering Industrial Training page. 

Student meets industry 

This annual networking event organised by our student societies MECHSOC and MTRNSOC, brings together students and industry representatives to connect in a casual but professional setting. 

Unlike regular careers fairs, this is a highly targeted event. Attendees are mostly third and fourth year students from the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering who are eager to learn about your company, the industry, and your experiences.   

At this stage of their degree, students have a solid understanding of engineering principles and are either looking for industrial training opportunities or approaching graduation. 

We encourage a more casual atmosphere, which allows for open conversations between your company representatives and our students. Food and drink will be provided, along with a table and carpet board for your use. You’re welcome to bring pull-up banners, brochures and other marketing collateral with you. 

For more information, or to represent your company at the event, please contact Dr Chris Menictas.