Find opportunities for postgraduate research in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with training in partnership in partnership with industry, government, or not-for-profit sectors. Projects will be in a variety of areas such as Aerospace, Mechanical, Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics, and Robotics.

PhD scholarships



Disassembly automation of end-of-life electric vehicle batteries Professor Sami Kara

PhD and Masters Projects in Supersonic Mixing for Airbreathiing Hypersonic Engines

Professor Con Doolan

PhD and Scholarship Opportunity with Defence Science and Technology Group

A/Prof Garth Pearce

PhD Projects with SoMAC CRC

Professor Gangadhara Prusty and A/Prof Garth Pearce

Accident tolerant nuclear fuel wasteform

Dr Edward Obbard and Dr Patrick Burr

Examining droplet laden flows and ventilation

Dr Charitha de Silva

Tribology and Machine Condition Monitoring

Professor Zhongxiao Peng and A/Prof Pietro Borghesani

Quiet Owl-Inspired Wings for Wind Turbines and Aero-engines

Professor Con Doolan, Dr Danielle Moreau and Dr Charitha de Silva

PhD Project(s) in Aeroacoustics

Dr Danielle Moreau, Professor Con Doolan and Dr Charitha de Silva

PhD Scholarship in Solar Steam Generation

A/Prof Robert Taylor and Dr Amr Omar

PhD scholarships in renewable fuel combustion

Professor Evatt Hawkes

PhD Scholarship in Machine Learning Assisted 3D Printing for Space and Medical Devices

Dr Xiaopeng Li, Professor Jay Kruzic and Professor Michael Ferry

Rethinking alloys for a hydrogen economy

Dr Patrick Burr

Developing shielding materials for fusion

Dr Patrick Burr and Dr Edward Obbard

PhD Scholarship in wearable sensors

Professor Chun Wang and Dr Shuhua Peng

PhD Scholarship in Cryogenic Composites

Professor Chun Wang and Dr Mohammad Saiful Islam

PhD Opportunity in Engineering / Fetal Medicine

Professor Tracie Barber


PhD Scholarship in Self-powered Wearable Sensors

Professor Chun Wang and Dr Javad Foroughi

PhD Opportunity in Engineering / Vascular Surgery

Professor Tracie Barber


PhD Scholarship in Autonomous Machinery

Dr Jose Guivant

PhD Scholarship in Structural Supercapacitor

Professor Chun Wang and Professor Liming Dai

PHD Scholarship in Space Tracking and Space Manoeuvre Characterisation

Dr Yang Yang

PhD project: Flexible electronics for advanced healthcare applications

Dr. Hoang-Phuong Phan

PhD Scholarship in Energy-Assisted Engines for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Professor Shawn Kook

PhD Scholarship in Hydrogen Spark Ignition Engines

Professor Shawn Kook

Intelligent robots for better surgeries

Dr Leo Wu

PhD and Masters Projects in Engineering / Cardiovascular risk prediction using medical image based machine learning

Dr Susann Beier

PhD Opportunities in fire modelling and safety technologies

Dr Anthony Chun Yin Yuen and Professor Guan Heng Yeoh

PhD and Masters Projects in Engineering using immersive modelling to drive cardiovascular surgery

Dr Susann Beier

PhD Position – FutureNow Plus Scholarship: Development of Multi-Scale Models to Simulate the Laser-based Additive Manufacturing Process for Energy, Aerospace and Defence applications

Dr Ondrej Muransky

PhD and Masters Projects in Stent optimisation

Dr Susann Beier

PhD Project Proposal - UNSW/Boeing – Multiscale Modelling and composite materials Boeing Aerostructures Australia
PhD Scholarship on High Performance and Evaporative Energy Harvesting Nanogenerators Dr Jin Zhang