Within the Engineering Health Solutions research group, we solve medical problems related to device design and analysis, health robotics, data analysis and materials development. We work closely with local and international industry and clinical colleagues to ensure our solutions are useful and translatable.

We use computational methods of analysis along with extensive laboratory facilities, covering fluid dynamics and heat transfer, structures and materials and additive manufacturing.

Biomechanical engineering & biomaterials

Understanding how we can use different materials to optimise and transform medical technologies. We work across areas from dental materials, mechanics of biological tissues to manufactured impacts.

Health robotics

Our research is focused on making use of the latest in robotic developments to enhance surgical procedures. We propose to develop new robotic surgical instruments based on flexible mechanisms and intelligent sensing.

Medical devices design & optimisation

Our researchers use mechanical engineering expertise to optimise design and use of medical devices. We collaborate closely with clinicians, industry, philanthropists and not-for-profit funding agencies.

Soft wearable electronics for human health monitoring

Our researchers use mechanical and materials Engineering expertise to develop soft wearable sensors to monitor a range of biological signals related to individual health conditions. We collaborate closely with industry, healthcare professions, hospitals, and not-for-profit funding agencies.

Understanding health science

We apply our mechanical engineering expertise and facilities to enhance the fundamental understanding of the mechanics of health problems. We use computational and experimental techniques to determine the underlying mechanics for a range of health-related problems.