At UNSW, our expertise in engineering systems includes acoustics, noise generated by flow, vibration, condition monitoring and wear. We perform fundamental and applied research to create novel solutions for industry and society. 

Our specialties include:  

  • Aeroacoustics, fluid-structure interaction, flow-induced noise, acoustic and vibration measurements,  
  • Advanced analytical and numerical capabilities for wave propagation in complex media,  
  • Advanced numerical capabilities for flow-structure-acoustic interaction problems, and  
  • Wear and fracture mechanisms, and machine condition monitoring using multiple sensor technologies.  

Key capabilities 

  • Advanced analytical and numerical capabilities to study inter-disciplinary problems in the areas of acoustics, vibration, fluid flow, homogenization and metamaterials.  
  • State of the art facilities and world-leading expertise in the field of machine condition monitoring using vibration, wear debris analysis and a series of innovative sensor technologies.  
  • Aeroacoustic measurements including acoustic beamforming, near-field acoustic holography, unsteady surface pressure and fluid dynamics. 

Flow noise

The Flow Noise Group is dedicated to the study of flow-induced noise and its control. Flow-induced noise occurs wherever there is unsteady fluid flow and must be controlled to reduce environmental noise pollution. Our knowledge and skills help quieten technologies such as jets, wind turbines, drones and propellers.
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Acoustics and Vibration

The Acoustics and Vibration Group uses analytical and numerical methods to study the interaction between sound waves and structures. We consider multidisciplinary problems that include acoustics, vibration, fluid flow, fluid-structure interaction and metamaterials.

Tribology and machine condition monitoring

NSW Tribology and Machine Condition Monitoring Group has extensive experience in condition monitoring of mechanical systems and components. We develop innovative solutions for tracking and predicting the evolution of wear and fatigue in machine components.