Mechanical engineer student using tormach machine

Research is at the heart of what we do at UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Our mission is simple: innovate new solutions and technologies to solve the world’s most complex problems. We’re internationally recognised for excellence in research and have major research programs covering many areas that deliver real-world impact to the industry.

Our engineers push beyond the boundaries of common knowledge, challenge ideas and take steps in directions never imagined - producing safer, cheaper, more efficient machines and mechanical systems.

Our research is grouped into five themes. From discovering new cancer treatments to inventing composite materials that revolutionise manufacturing processes, researchers at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering are at the cutting edge of research and development.

Research groups

Our research groups cover five areas: advanced manufacturing, materials and structures, energy and resilience, engineered health solutions, robotics and autonomous systems, and WAVES: Wear, Aeroacoustics and Vibration in Engineering.


Our school is committed to providing the best research and teaching facilities for our academics and students. We have invested over $50 million in redeveloping our buildings and facilities so that they can support our projects and efforts. Discover our core faculties in areas such as the Willis Annexe and Ainsworth Building.

Postgraduate research

Research activities at the school, range from individual PhD projects to large multi-disciplinary research projects. Many of our industry collaboration projects are run by our PhD students, gaining real-world research experience.

Potential research projects

Find opportunities for postgraduate research in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with training in partnership in partnership with industry, government, or not-for-profit sectors. Projects will be in a variety of areas such as Aerospace, Mechanical, Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics, and Robotics.


Undergraduate research opportunities

We value research as a potent form of learning by doing. Through our undergraduate research opportunities programs, more than 85% of undergraduates enrich their education through engaging in frontline, academic-led research.

Find a research supervisor

Search our list of supervisors and familiarise yourself with our postgraduate subject experts. Our helpful database of research supervisors will make it simpler to find the right academic to guide your journey.

Centres & institutes

The School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is home to centres and initiatives focused on groundbreaking research. This includes ARC Training Centres for Automated Manufacturing of Advanced Composites and Fire Retardant Materials and Safety.