Research themes

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From discovering new cancer treatments to inventing composite materials that revolutionise manufacturing processes, researchers at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering are at the cutting edge of research and development.

The breadth of our research spans across five areas. These areas are highly relevant to many facets of industry and the impact of our work is felt at a national and global scale.

Research themes

Advanced manufacturing, materials & structures for engineering (AMASE)

We conduct world leading research across all aspects of advanced manufacturing, materials, and structures. Our School partners with local and international industry partners to translate our research to real world impacts.


Energy & resilience

We research the fundamental enabling technologies for clean, safe, scalable, powerful and resilient power systems, in order to achieve net zero carbon emissions without harming our society and industrial economy.

Engineered health solutions

We solve medical problems related to device design and analysis, health robotics, data analysis and materials development. We work closely with local and international industry and clinical colleagues to ensure our solutions are useful and translatable.

Robotics & autonomous systems

We research and develop methodologies for sensing, decision making and control of mechanical and software systems. This research covers the theoretical areas of control systems, perception, autonomous systems and image processing.

WAVES: Wear, aeroacoustics & vibration in engineering systems

Our expertise in engineering systems includes acoustics, noise generated by flow, vibration, condition monitoring and wear. We perform fundamental and applied research to create novel solutions for industry and society.