The acoustics & vibrations laboratory provides support for teaching and research within the areas of acoustics, vibrations, wear and machine condition monitoring. This involves the measurement and analysis of air-borne or structure-borne noise and vibration, and wear and fault analysis. 

The laboratory is well-equipped with state-of-the-art noise and vibration instrumentation and wear testing facilities, ranging from sound level meters, multi-channel signal analysers, shakers, sound sources, accelerometers, microphones and multi-functional tribometers. The instrumentation and measurement systems are complemented by computer-based modal analysis and data processing systems. 

Current research undertaken in the Laboratory covers the following: 

  • Signature management of maritime platforms  
  • Optimisation of mufflers for improved acoustic performance  
  • Diagnostics of helicopter gearboxes and gas turbine engines  
  • Modelling of faults in IC engines  
  • Geared systems and rolling element bearings  
  • Signal processing, machine condition monitoring  
  • Diagnostics and prognostics  
  • Wear analysis of mechanical and bio-engineering systems 
  • Research into active vibration control. 

Research work undertaken in the Acoustics and Vibration Laboratory is in collaboration with the Defence Science Technology Organisation (DSTO). 

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