The UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering conducts world leading research across all aspects of advanced manufacturing, materials, and structures. Through our research and our partnerships with industry, we endeavour to: 

  • Improve products and processes by making manufacturing more sustainable, by increasing the efficiency of small- and large-scale manufacturing, and by improving management strategies. 
  • Enhance the performance and multifunctional capabilities of materials, structures, and devices to meet challenging operating conditions.
  • Develop multiscale computational models to link structural performance to materials characteristics and manufacturing processes.

Our School is also home to the following centres and hubs that highlight our strong commitment to working with industry partners: 


Research Areas

Cross-scale manufacturing and 3D printing

Advanced Manufacturing is the development and use of innovative technologies for the fabrication of products.

Design and optimisation of lightweight composite structure

We use highly specialised experimental and simulation techniques to analyse, design and optimise lightweight composite structures.

Mechanical performance of advanced structural materials

Our research focusses on furthering our understanding of processing, microstructures, and mechanical property relationships in advanced structural materials.

Multifunctional nanocomposites for stretchable sensors & energy storage

Flexible and mechanically stretchable electronics are crucial to a wide range of emerging technologies, such as wearable medical devices, electronic skin, and soft robots.

Multiscale modelling of materials, structures & devices

Through advanced simulation methods we aim to understand, design and improve materials used in cutting-edge engineering applications.

Sustainable manufacturing & life-cycle engineering

We develop methods, digital tools and technologies for the planning and operation of sustainable manufacturing systems and factories.

Research Projects

Novel multiscale fibre composites for cryogenic space technologies

Lightweight fuel storage is a critical technology for low-cost access to space, which is recognised by the Australian Government as a national priority.

Suppression of matrix cracking in composite tanks

Lightweight storage tanks for liquid propellant and on-orbit fuels are a critical technology for the entire space sector.

Advanced Carbon Fibre Composites for Liquid Hydrogen Storage

Carbon fibre composite tanks are emerging as a tremendous opportunity for energy-efficient storage of liquid hydrogen (LH2) as they offer potential weight savings relative to existing metal tanks or composite-wrapped metal tanks.