The Energy Storage and Refrigeration facility conducts world-leading research and development on advanced energy storage technologies. 

Research areas include: 

  • Redox flow batteries including the vanadium and iron flow battery systems 
  • Hybrid fuel cells including the vanadium oxygen hybrid fuel cell 
  • Electrolyte production methods 
  • Graphite and conducting plastic electrodes 
  • Membrane evaluation 
  • Enhanced flow battery cell and stack design (computational modelling and validation) 
  • Energy storage system level design 
  • Microgrid simulations 
  • Liquid metal batteries 
  • Refrigeration and air conditioner performance optimisation 

Our facilities include: 

  • Access to a 30 kW/130 kWh commercial VRB system 
  • Access to dedicated computation laboratories for advanced simulation modelling 
  • Extensive state of the art electrochemical analysis and battery test equipment 
  • Electrolyte characterisation equipment 
  • Inert atmosphere controlled high temperature furnaces 
  • Climate controlled chambers for evaluating effects of environmental parameters on energy storage system performance 
  • Access to advanced additive and automated manufacturing facilities 

This facility is also part of CENELEST (The German-Australian Alliance for Electrochemical Technologies for Storage of Renewable Energy). 

The NextGEN Energy Storage vertically integrated project is also supported by the Energy Storage and Refrigeration facility.

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For more information, contact Associate Professor Chris Menictas