Jason King

Space and Aerospace Engineering

I have always been fascinated by aircraft and aviation. I felt that being in the aerospace industry would challenge me and give me the opportunity to work on the latest innovations with cutting-edge technologies, as well the freedom to travel all over the world.

Every subject I studied at UNSW has contributed to my knowledge and skill base and has led me to where I am today. Group assignments taught me how to deal with people, and student-led projects contributed greatly to my hands-on experience. The final year aerospace design project was challenging, but the management skills I learnt over that year have been invaluable.

After my graduation I was offered a role with Quickstep in Sydney. I started out working on a fifth-generation fighter project and very rapidly transitioned to a more involved role on a military transport program. My day-to-day work as a production engineer/technical planner involves interrogating designs and interpreting specifications, in order to establish manufacturing processes. I’m also involved in troubleshooting, continuously improving the product and implementing cost and time reductions. 

I learn a great deal from my colleagues, who between them have centuries of experience in building aircraft, and I have undergone various training programs tailored to the aerospace defence sector. Every day I learn something new to add to the technical and managerial skillset I built at UNSW.