You can choose electives from a wide range of undergraduate courses offered at UNSW Engineering. This includes our Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program as a discipline elective (courses: ENGG2600ENGG3600ENGG4600). Get involved in cutting-edge research and earn credit for project-based learning.  

Engineering students, who have completed the relevant amount of credit and ENGG1000 can apply to start in T1 each year. The VIP course is 6 UoC spread over three terms (2 UoC per term), Students can enrol for up to 20 UoC per term if they wish without having to apply for overload approval. Students can only apply for one project at a time and will be accepted into a project upon approval from the lead academic. 

Visit our ChallENG Program website for more information on how to apply.  

To learn more about your electives, choose your UNSW Engineering school below and select the course code to view the current UNSW Handbook page. Click on the [ T ] to view the current UNSW Class Timetable. Please note: 

  • Course availability is subject to timetabling and teaching resources.
  • Courses may have a number of requisites. You should plan ahead to make sure that the requisites of the courses are satisfied.
  • You must ensure you have room in your degree to meet program requirements prior to enrolment.
  • Refer to the UNSW Handbook  for the year you commenced your current program. You can also find detailed information on minimum and maximum UOC requirements for each elective type.

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