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  • 1st in Australia

    National Taiwan University Ranking, 2020

  • 10th in the world

    National Taiwan University Ranking, 2020

  • 4th in Australia

    Chemical Engineering, QS Top Universities Ranking by Subject, 2023

Transforming the products we use everyday, at scale.

Chemicals are the building blocks of our modern life. Chemical engineers transform these tiny molecules into products and advanced technologies to solve today’s challenges. It’s no wonder that you can find them everywhere: in food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, water utilities and renewable energy providers.

The UNSW School of Chemical Engineering teaches students to look at the essence of the products we use every day, with the aim of reimagining and improving their manufacture and use. They learn to combine problem-solving with design-thinking to do everything from producing sustainable and nutritious food, engineering the next generation of medicine, to decarbonising industry by developing green energy technologies and solutions that scale. 

We see the world as one big design challenge that can be solved on a microscopic level and universally implemented. Together, we create innovations that continue to transform modern life from the chemical up.

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