Energy and Resources

Learn how the industry is branching out into new frontiers

Students working on practical renewable energy design projects

What is Energy and Resources?

Engineers have unique skills to identify sources of energy or resources that can be used in various ways to meet the needs of society. Mining Engineering is the science of extracting and processing mineral resources from the earth in a safe and sustainable way.

Mining resources helps us generate a range of energy sources, including renewable energy. You’ll learn how this industry is branching out into additional areas to fuel the transition to renewable sources of energy such as natural gas.

Why study Energy and Resources?

Sources of energy and certain resources are integral to daily life. As we become aware of the finite nature of some resources, engineers are racing to find more innovative and efficient ways to power society and meet our needs. Innovation, creativity and exploration are key features of this area. As climate change becomes more and more urgent, individuals working in this area have even greater impacts on the future of our planet.

Why choose UNSW?

We’re at the forefront of mining education and research into new and exciting areas including space resources engineering, low emission technologies, CO2 storage and geothermal energy. You’ll be learning with high-tech immersive technology that’ll help you replicate working in these scenarios. Our 3D Virtual Reality theatre will let you explore everything from open cut mines to NASA rovers. We’re UNSW’s top ranked subject - 5th globally for Mineral & Mining Engineering.

What about careers?

This study area will prepare you to work across a wide variety of jobs, all vital to our planet’s future and all heavily in demand. Photovoltaic engineers can work for solar cell manufacturers, research organisations, energy utilities and communication companies and in system design and integration.

Renewable energy is growing in popularity as global awareness of energy sustainability improves. You can work in a wide range of roles designing, installing and operating renewable energy systems.

Mining engineering graduates have many career options available to them. You can decide if you want to work in the field or in the office. You can work in the oil and gas industry, oil service companies, computer-generated modelling, environmental organisations, as well as banking and finance.

Career options include:

  • Mining Engineer
  • Natural Gas Technician
  • Senior Solar Engineer
  • Geothermal Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Banking
  • Finance

How can I study Energy and Resources?