Solar and Renewable Energy Engineering

Explore ways to make the best use of renewable energy technologies

Wind turbines in Navarre (Spain) Renewable energy concept.

What is Renewable Energy Engineering?

Renewable energy is one of the most critical areas of engineering as we face a future of uncertain resources and expanding technology use. Due to the unprecedented climate crisis and unsustainable reliance on fossil fuels, Renewable Energy in all its forms is the solution. Renewable Energy Engineers explore ways to make the best use of renewable energy technologies like solar, wind, biomass, smart grids and photovoltaics, which is the use and manufacture of solar cells to power virtually anything electrical.

Why study Renewable Energy Engineering?

Our future depends on renewable energy and creating more sustainable ways of living. Renewable Energy Engineers are critical to the future of society. You’ll learn a strong foundation of all types of engineering, with a focus on renewable energy technologies, looking beyond the sun as a source of energy.

Why choose UNSW?

Learn from a ground-breaking, internationally recognised team, pioneers in the field who’ve made world-first discoveries. For the past 30 years researchers at UNSW have found cutting edge ways to use renewable technology, and the breakthroughs haven’t stopped. Our research is woven into your education. We're ranked #1 in Australia for Engineering and Technology and 31st globally according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2024.

You’ll take part in project-based learning with innovative techniques like the ‘Virtual Production Line’ and ‘Sunswift Solar Car Challenge'. Sunswift is a highly awarded student program that allows engineers from all disciplines to come together to make and race the world’s fastest solar car, across the Australian outback.

What about careers?

There’s nothing but growth for Renewable Energy Engineers across the sector. Job Outlook lists steady job growth for this occupation with generous salaries on offer. You can pursue your passion for the field and choose from the world’s best jobs in solar power and renewable energy. The most important part, you’ll be actively supporting society in the move away from damaging forms of energy and helping to create a greener, brighter future. 

Career options include:

  • Project Management
  • Energy Consultancy
  • Solar and Battery Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control and Reliability
  • Computer-aided Design of Devices and Systems
  • Policy Formation 
  • Programs for Developing Countries
  • Energy Utilities

What are my study options?

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