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At UNSW Engineering, we hold the quality of our research to the highest academic standards to deliver positive, real-world impact.

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Technology for humanity

Technology has always played a central role in our lives. In countless ways, it has brought us closer and further than we ever thought possible. It has electrified our homes, allowed us to scale great distances, cure deadly diseases, and even peer into galaxies far, far away. Time and time again, technology has changed the world. 

However, the technology we consume every day comes with its own unique challenges, and it’s easy to overlook the heart of the matter. What the world needs now is a new approach to impact. This starts with building technology with heart.

From small sparks of new ideas, to working prototypes and full-scale solutions, our research is guided by:

  • Hand

    What are the actionable steps we can take to bring research to the real world?

  • Heart

    What’s the human benefit and positive impact at the heart of our research?

  • Mind

    How do we collaborate and innovate, making progress at a multi-disciplinary level?

Become a Technology Partner of Humanity

Relationships are at the heart of impactful research. We collaborate with entities in all sectors, building on their existing goals and principles, to design and implement solutions that bring value to all.

Our Centres and Institutes

UNSW Centres & Institutes are major joint ventures that facilitate long-term, cross-disciplinary research that addresses significant research and societal challenges. Bringing together several UNSW Schools and Faculties, these ventures complement and scale the impact of our Engineering Schools. 

Meet the fearless thinkers making change already

Many of the brightest minds in engineering choose UNSW to help design solutions through technology for the good of humanity. Discover more about the individuals – and their incredible work – that forms our impact network.

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