UNSW Engineering is committed to supporting you in your career and helping you exceed in your chosen area of expertise.

This application guide has simplified the process to make it easy for you to apply for a postgraduate research degree at UNSW.

Follow the steps to apply for a postgraduate research degree:

  1. Review important information
  2. Find a research area and supervisor
  3. Develop a research proposal
  4. Prepare supporting documentation
  5. Apply online

Stage 1: Review important information

Before beginning an application, check if you are eligible for admission.

Look at fees and research scholarship options, English Language Requirements and visas.

New postgraduate students can start their studies at the beginning of any of the four terms – check the Higher Degree Research Academic Calendar for starting dates.

See the deadlines for submission of applications for the next term.

For any other questions check the FAQs section.

Stage 2: Find a research area & supervisor

With eight schools covering the breadth of engineering specialties, there are countless opportunities to engage in research in an area you are passionate about.

Different options to find a research area and supervisor:

  1. Browse the research areas in our schools and centres and contact an academic directly to discuss potential projects
    1. Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
    2. School of Chemical Engineering
    3. School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    4. School of Computer Science and Engineering
    5. School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
    6. School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
    7. School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering
    8. School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering
  2. Check out the advertised projects that are currently recruiting PhD candidates
  3. Search with the University's Find a Researcher tool to look for a supervisor who specialises in the area you are interested in

Stage 3: Develop a research proposal

The research proposal is one of the documents who will need for your application. The first step is to discuss your research proposal with your supervisor.

As a general guide, your research proposal should include the following:

  1. The title of your research description
  2. A statement of the research problem and its significance
  3. An outline of how you plan to address this problem
  4. Details of previous publications and/or research undertaken in your area of interest

Stage 4: Prepare supporting documentation

Required documents include proof of English, proof of your supervisor’s agreement to supervise you, research proposal, certificate completion of previous degrees and scores, curriculum vitae (CV).

Documents must be in English or include an accredited English translation.

Stage 5: Apply online

You can track the progress of your application through your UNSW Apply Online account.

If you have applied for both admission and a scholarship, both outcomes will be released after the date outlined at Key Dates. If you have alternative funding and have applied for admission only, the outcome will typically take 6-8 weeks to be processed.