Partnering with industry has always been central to making sure our research is relevant and impactful.

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Partnering with industry has always been central to making sure our research is relevant and impactful. We want to nurture, grow and develop our industry engagement so that our partners get the most out of their relationship with us.

Our Industry Engagement Plan covers how and why we collaborate with the engineering industry, from ensuring students receive an industry-relevant education through to partnering for research commercialisation.

Why partner with us?

UNSW has Australia’s largest and top-ranked engineering faculty. Our research and technology contribute billions of dollars a year to the Australian economy.

We work with hundreds of industry partners, from small start-ups to the world’s largest corporations to solve problems big and small. Our research and technology continue to have a global impact and we can only achieve this through working with our incredible partners. If you'd like to be a part of this impact, please contact us today.


Engage with our research

Our research spans across eight schools and numerous leading institutes and centres. Our students engage in academic-lead research opportunities to further enrich their education. Discover why we hold the quality of our research to the highest academic standards to deliver positive, real-world impact.

Engage with our students

Lean into the thrill of real-world, project-based learning when you take on a ChallENG project. This multidisciplinary approach brings together students, academics and industry groups to work together on an industry problem, grow career first skills and develop essential technical foundations.
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Commercialisation & impact

Looking for an expert to collaborate with to find innovative solutions? Connect with our world-renowned academics and investigate a wide range of complex issues, from climate change to global health. We partner with small to medium businesses, industry leaders, and government and community groups to build a better future.
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Industrial Training: A Guide for Employers

UNSW Engineering students undertake 60 days of industrial training to qualify for accreditation from Engineers Australia. If you’re an employer or industry partner, learn how you can collaborate with us to create rewarding experiences for our future engineers.

Small business program

We’re committed to sharing our resources and research to help small to medium businesses thrive. We invest in innovative research and development projects to make economic, social and environmental impact. Through collaboration, innovation, diversity, respect and excellence, we aim to transform lives and advance a just society.
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Our research technology & capabilities

Our research expertise and capabilities are making real-world social, economic and environmental impact. By partnering with industry, government and community groups, we’re delivering solutions to some of the world's greatest challenges. Discover how our research partners and investors stay at the forefront of innovation and development.
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Contact us  

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