Student life

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At UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering, we offer an immersive student life that helps you build connections and prepare for a successful career. With access to student societies and social activities, you can network with industry and peers across a range of settings.


When it comes to attending university, there’s a lot to know outside of your actual classroom studies. This engineering student resources section collates the most useful advice and information so you don’t have to go hunting for answers to your questions. If you can’t find what you need to know about enrolling and studying at UNSW, please contact us. 


Meet our students 

The best way to find out about a degree is sometimes to ask the students that are currently studying it! We asked some Minerals and Energy Resource Engineering Students all the questions we could think of about what it is like being on a scholarship, how to excel in your degree and what kind of jobs you can get. 


Balancing education and university life can be tough. Scholarships can help by easing financial pressure, letting you focus on your studies, and enjoy socialising with the community on and off campus.


Awards & Prizes

At UNSW School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering, we recognise high achieving students and honour their academic excellence in various ways, including prizes and the Dean’s Awards. 

Student societies

Student societies enrich the student experience by enabling personal development, providing programs that support the student base and being involved is a great way for students to grow their network and make friends.