Part of our commitment to solving the world’s greatest challenges is supporting the research of our academic community through our investment in world-class facilities. Tyree X-ray Facility is a leader in applying X-ray CT imaging to the study of porous media. The facility offers the latest technology combined with our expert know-how and award-winning analysis.

The Tyree X-ray CT Facility is built on the technology developed over more than a decade of research and development at UNSW Sydney and ANU Canberra. One of the most important things we provide is quality control – ensuring that our clients get the imagery and data that they need.

Our history

This technology was commercialised when Digital Core Pty Ltd merged with Numerical Rocks AS in 2013 to form Lithicon. The following year, Lithicon was acquired by FEI for AUD$76 million. The commercialisation of the technology has led UNSW’s Professors Val Pinczewski and Christoph Arns to be awarded with Eureka and NSW Premier's prizes. They were also named in the 2015 Engineers Australia Top 100 Engineers and numerous UNSW innovation prizes, along with many high impact publications and research projects.

The first Heliscan micro-CT was installed inside a lead-lined room in 2015. As part of a long-term strategy to make the facility more accessible to a wider user base outside of the School of Mineral and Energy Resources Engineering (MERE), the lab became part of the UNSW Network Labs in 2017. Along with MERE, the facility is supported by the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MECH) and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CVEN).

In 2021, the facility will be part of the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre.


Room LG22 

Tyree Energy Technology Building (Building H6)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) 

UNSW Sydney, NSW 2051, Australia 

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Tyree X-Ray CT Facility

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