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Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering student

At UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering, our facilities are designed with multidisciplinary research in mind. We are proud of our investment in high-class research facilities and laboratories to support our staff and students to work on innovative research and technology. 

Our facilities include the Tyree X-Ray, mine water and mineral processing laboratories, in-situ site waste monitoring and sensor system, a virtual reality room and much more. These spaces allow us to go beyond the textbook and deliver high-impact, immersive and practical learning experiences. 

Advanced Geochemistry Laboratory

Research activities conducted in the Geochemistry Laboratory are related to our flagship research on Transformative Technologies. By developing novel electrochemical-based techniques for the extraction and recovery of precious and critical metals from low-grade materials and waste streams, we aim to transform how the resources industry and society.

Immersive Technology Laboratory

The Immersive Technology Lab houses a variety of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and holographic technologies that are designed to push the boundaries of innovative education.

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Mine Geomechanics Lab

Geomechanics research studies the mechanics of rocks and materials with application in the mineral resources industry. The facility provides laboratory equipment required to advance the technologies for a sustainable and safe mining practice that is essential to meet future mineral needs.

Mine Ventilation Laboratory

Mine ventilation laboratory aims to provide teaching and research capacities to study the fundamentals of air movement and underground working environment for the mining industry. Ventilation provides a comfortable working environment for underground workforces, which is the ‘blood circulation system’ for mines.

Mineral Processing Laboratory

Mineral processing is concerned with the extraction of valuable minerals and metals from orebodies. Our facilities are equipped to conduct research to better understand how mineral particles can be recovered efficiently, which is crucial in our needs of critical minerals and the electrification of our society.


MIoT & IPIN Lab is Australia's premier academic group focus on Mine Internet of Things and Indoor Positioning Indoor Navigation research applications.

Multiphysics Geomechanics Laboratory

Multiphysics geomechanics research seeks to understand and analyse the processes affecting rock deformation such as mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, and chemical loading and characterise such deformations using techniques such as optical, thermal, and acoustic tracking.

NMR Low-Field Laboratory

Work performed in the NMR laboratory relate to our Geoenergy and transformative technology flagships. The laboratory works in sync with the Petrophysics laboratory and micro-CT laboratory and is well suited to quantify physical properties in the context of geochemical or geomechanical change as occurs in geostorage and geoenergy applications.

Petrophysics Laboratory

Petrophysics research is related to the study of flow and transport in rocks and their physical and chemical properties. Our facilities drive research related to the development of subsurface engineering technologies that are critical for the energy transition and future demands for energy and minerals.

Tyree X-Ray

The Tyree X-Ray facility offers the latest in CT imaging technology to the study of porous media along with data processing software to support imaging and data research.
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ViMINE: UNSW’S innovative mine planning

ViMINE is a tool for students to experience various aspects of a mining operation in an integrated simulation environment, giving them access to a fully "operational" mine to experiment with.
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