Geomechanics research studies the mechanics of rocks and materials with application in the mineral resources industry. The facility provides laboratory equipment required to advance the technologies for a sustainable and safe mining practice that is essential to meet future mineral needs. 

Work performed in the Mine Geomechanics Laboratory drives our research flagship in geomechanics. The lab allows for simulating extreme in-situ conditions. The lab is the centre of many of our experimental programs for our industry and government-funded research programs.

    • 815 Rock Test System Load frame
    • GCTS RDS300 Shear System with RDS-300 System (Water shear capabilities)
    • High Pressure Water System
    • High pressure Triaxial Cell 120MPA
    • Hi resolution Spectroradiometer
    • Linear rock cutting 
    • Moog Controller and Load Frame
    • AE-8 Measurement System
    • Triaxial Ultrasonic Meas. Syst
    • Triaxial Temp. Control System
    • Permeability Measuring Cabinet
    • ZEB_REVO Laser System
    • Flowtrac II Triaxial frame and flow pump 
    • Pundit PL-200 Seismic System
    • Surface Grinder RIC-1545H
    • Crown Forklift - SHR55416TT-39


Room G42

Old Main Building (OLB) (K15)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) 

UNSW Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia   

Contact us

Kanchana Gamage

Technical Officer 

T: 9385 6687