Mining engineering is about extracting minerals from the earth in a safe, efficient and responsible way. There are many parts to this, and many different tasks mining engineers perform to get to the end result. Visit What do mining and petroleum engineers do? to find out more.

Mining engineering thought starters

If you aren’t sure whether mining engineering is for you, take a look at our list of questions below:

  • Are you good at maths and science?
  • Do you love problem solving?
  • Have you got an interest in natural resources?
  • Are you interested in the effects of mining on the surrounding environments?
  • Do you crave to know how things work?
  • Are you a good communicator?
  • Do you love the outdoors?
  • Are you interested in working underground?

Chances are if you said ‘yes’ to most of the above, you’ll make a good mining engineer.

Find out what is involved in studying mining engineering at UNSW

You can find out everything you need to know about what is involved in studying Mining engineering at UNSW by checking out the information on our undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

Not sure which engineering degree is for you?

Choosing what kind of engineer you would like to be can be a difficult decision. UNSW Engineering helps by providing you with the option of enrolling in a flexible first year program. This gives you the chance to find out more about which type of engineering appeals to you, before transferring to a specific discipline at the end of your first year. To help you make a decision, we organise a range of activities specially designed for flexible first year students which will give you a taste of what it is like to be a mining engineering student.