Meet our students

4 students and tutor at presentation

Aaron Uthaia Kumaran

"As a Research Ambassador, my goal is to showcase UNSW's groundbreaking research in carbon dioxide capture, utilisation and storage, through conferences, webinars, publications, and collaborations with industry partners."

Abdul Mu'Izz Bin Haji Shazli

“UNSW has provided me with vast resources throughout the degree such as great lecturers, industry software and learning materials. I am now confident that I could compete with other graduates from around the world” . Check out our Q&A with Abdul Mu'Izz Bin Haji Shazli.

Phoebe McAuliffe

“We need minerals and metals for our technology, our renewable energy, and our infrastructure, all of which will ultimately help us build a more sustainable and climate safe future”.

Gizelle Van Wyk

Gizelle van Wyk is a current student taking a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum) at UNSW. Check out our Q&A with to find out why chose to study petroleum engineering at UNSW and on her future role at BHP.

Liam Kelly-Sigurdsson

Recipient of the Mitsubishi Rural Scholarship in Mining Engineering.

Valentin Salamakha

Recipient of the Glencore Mining Engineering Scholarship.

Zachary Miller

Recipient of the NSWMC Newcastle Mining Engineering Transfer Program.

Duncan Slater

Recipient of the UNSW Minerals Industry Scholarship.

Liam Brunton

Liam Brunton is a first-year student studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum)at UNSW. In our Q&A we ask Liam about why he chose to study petroleum engineering at UNSW and why it is such an important field in society.

Khaliq Irsyaduddin Musa

Khaliq Irsyaduddin Musa is a current student undergoing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum). We spoke to Musa about why he chose to study petroleum engineering at UNSW.

Tara Andresson

Tara Andresson, an undergraduate student in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mining) and Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) has been awarded an EEF premium scholarship as well as the 2022 Sir Frank Espie/Rio Tinto Leadership Award. We spoke to Tara about her achievements, the importance of the mining industry and her plans after graduation.

Alexander Ney

“Petroleum engineering is a profession that is so globally transferable that one can end up in any corner of the planet if they so choose. So, it gives the opportunity to travel as a professional. I decided to do a double degree with mining engineering for many of the same reasons - it was another industry that fascinated me”.

Thomas Brown

“Whether you desire to work at a mine, an investment bank, tunnelling, or consulting, the UNSW mining engineering program ensures that you will be ready for that role when you graduate, no matter what it is”.

Taylah Komacha

“I would say to students looking to study Engineering at UNSW to definitely go for it, UNSW offers an excellent ability to collaborate with industry aiding in getting a job once you graduate”.

Taylor McDonald

“If you are interested in environmental challenges facing society or what the future economy of Australia looks like as we transition to net zero emissions – Mining is a space where you can explore and develop a deeper understanding of these topics”.


“UNSW is at the forefront of technological breakthrough and discoveries in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through numerous company collaborations; hence, there are strong industry connections and world-wide recognition of the university”.

Ramanan Mathisuthanan

‘UNSW has provided me with a good grasp of the concepts required for entry into the mining industry, UNSW’s fantastic reputation with industry has also allowed me to find an internship in a competitive job market”.