Taylah Komacha

Taylah Komacha

Q&A with Mining Engineering Student

“I would say to students looking to study Engineering at UNSW to definitely go for it, UNSW offers an excellent ability to collaborate with industry aiding in getting a job once you graduate.”

Meet Taylah Komacha, a 3rd year student who is pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mining) at UNSW.

What attracted you to study Mining Engineering?

From Year 8, I knew I wanted to do something in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) space. I always had a love for maths and science. After doing a lot of engineering work experience, I got the opportunity to do a week of work experience at a mine site. After that week I knew I wanted to be a mining engineer. There is something about the sheer scale of the equipment in the mines that never loses its ability to astound people. It is also a job that offers several opportunities to do a variety of distinct roles. You do not have just one role for the rest of your career, instead you get to work in a variety of different areas and gain well-rounded knowledge focusing on the areas you enjoy.

What would you say to current high school students looking to study Engineering at UNSW?

I would say to students looking to study Engineering at UNSW to definitely go for it, UNSW offers an excellent ability to collaborate with industry aiding in getting a job once you graduate. Not only that UNSW offer an excellent program called Flexible Engineering for first year students that would be perfect for people wanting to do engineering but are unsure on which specific area to go into. It gives you the ability to see a small part of each engineering field, that can then set you up for doing something you are passionate about.

How do you think your studies at UNSW will help in your career aspirations?

Studying at UNSW will aid in achieving my career aspirations, by creating a foundation for all the skills that will be learnt in the mining industry after graduation. UNSW Mining Engineering also offers a lot of guest lectures which gives opportunities to look at varying career paths and ask a variety of questions to aid your understanding of the industry.

Can you share something about the mining industry that might interest someone considering studies and a career in this industry?

Mining engineering offers an opportunity to work in so many different job roles that can vary from production areas, technical areas, planning areas and so much in-between. It also offers the ability to live in so many different locations from rural locations all the way to inner city Sydney. The opportunities do not stop there, mining engineering also offers international opportunities.

What was your pathway into UNSW?

My pathway into UNSW is slightly different to most. I was a part of the NSWMC Newcastle Mining Engineering Transfer program. This program allows you to complete the first two years of your degree at the University of Newcastle and finish the final two key years at UNSW to graduate. Being from the Hunter Valley, this provided me the opportunity to work in the mining industry for a few years before attending UNSW.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about the benefits of your UNSW experience?

The industry network experiences at UNSW are second to none and provide such a fantastic opportunity to connect with those in the industry and learn more about the variety of areas you can work in.

Anything else you would like to add?

If you are considering mining engineering, then apply. If you find out that it is not the area of engineering that you are passionate about after starting the degree, then there are a large variety of engineering disciplines at UNSW. If you are passionate about engineering, you will find one that suits you.