Mineral processing is concerned with the extraction of valuable minerals and metals from orebodies. A range of physical and chemical techniques are employed depending on the ore/mineral. Our facilities are equipped to conduct research to better understand how mineral particles can be recovered efficiently, which is crucial in our needs of critical minerals and the electrification of our society.

The work conducted in our facilities is related to transformative technologies. Our laboratories house standard equipment as well as custom-built equipment to study 3-phase phenomena. Much of the work is concerned with understanding bubble-bubble and bubble-particle interactions.

    • Cole-Palmer Vacuum Oven 1.5CU ft 230V
    • Welch Vacuum pump
    • Peristaltic pump
    • QSONICA Probe sonicator
    • BECKMAN Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter
    • Bubble coalescence setup (custom-made)
    • SINTERFACE PAT Analyzer
    • Krüss DFA100 Analyzer
    • Denver flotation cell (2×)
    • Bottom driven flotation cell (custom-made)
    • BECKMAN Allegra X-30nCentrifuge
    • Foam column (custom-made)
    • Bubble viewer (custom-made)
    • Pressure filter (custom-made)
    • Dewatering unit (custom-made)
    • MERCK Milli-Q water system
    • LABEC furnace
    • Drying oven
    • Ball mill
    • Rod mill
    • Retsch BB 200 Jaw Crusher
    • Low Intensity Wet Drum
    • Magnetic Wet Tube Tester
    • Sieves
    • Sieve shakers (2×)
    • Riffle splitter


Room G29

Old Main Building (OLB) (K15) 

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) 

UNSW Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia  

Contact us

A/Prof. Seher Ata

T: 9385 7659 
E: s.ata@unsw.edu.au