Our team working in the field of geoenergy focus on fundamental and applied research related to subsurface energy extraction, energy storage, and critical minerals recovery. Of particular interest are technologies that improve recovery, provide new insights into the production of transition fuels, and facilitate the future energy landscape.

Traditional knowledge and expertise in petroleum and mining engineering will drive new technologies related to subsurface energy extraction, geological storage of CO2 and hydrogen, and extraction of critical minerals for future energy technologies. These new technologies will redefine the traditional petroleum and mining engineering disciplines and provide new opportunities for novel research, fundamental insights, and ground-breaking technological innovations. We have three main themes within our geoenergy flagship.

Multiscale Reservoir Engineering

We provide fundamental insights into the physics of flow and transport in multiscale heterogeneous environments and practical approaches to provide predictive models.

Integrated Storage and Recovery Systems

Emerging energy technologies require innovative storage and recovery systems. COgeo-sequestration in aquifers and hydrocarbon reservoirs is a promising carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) method.

Critical Minerals for Future Energy Systems

Renewable energies will place an increasing demand on mineral resources. These demands will change the way minerals are recovered and processed, placing new challenges on sustainability and environmental impact, and drive new innovative technologies.