MIoT & IPIN Lab is Australia's premier academic group, focusing on Mine Internet of Things and Indoor Positioning Indoor Navigation research applications.

Mining is key for global socio-economic growth and is linked to nearly every industry value chain. The mining industry globally is suffering from high costs and increasingly difficult conditions including deeper and steeper deposits, lower ore grade, extreme geotechnical and geological challenges, isolated mine sites and infrastructure challenges, and a range of social and environmental challenges including diverse community responses to mining activities. IoT based “Digital Mine” promising a new age of data analytics delivering unmatched levels of safety, operational and productivity information along with a shift to higher automation levels. According to Location, information is the key of IoT applications, without satellite signals, positioning and navigation in indoor environment including underground mine is challenging. However, the global indoor positioning and indoor navigation market was valued at $2,642 million in 2017 and is projected to reach $43,511 million by 2025. 

We have been working on MIoT since 2017. Our research includes indoor position technologies such as WiFi, BLE, UWB, RFID; communication technologies such as LoRa, BLE, NBIoT, eMTC; mobile robots for underground application; LiDAR for underground 3D modelling; AI for underground applications etc. In 2020, working closely with industry partners, we have secured a 5.31m CRC-P project which will take our research on MIoT and IPIN to a new level.

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Email: MIoT@unsw.edu.au 


Room 164

Old Main Building (Building K15)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) 

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