Industry Partnerships

We have a rich and diverse network of industry partners spanning more than 25 years. During this time, we’ve collaborated on a plethora of projects to develop innovative products, systems and solutions.

Discover the benefits of working with us to research your industry’s most pressing concerns or find efficiencies with your current operations. We also offer a range of expert consultants to advise you on your next big project.

Read our industry case studies below to learn more.

Research innovation sits at the heart of our more than 25-year partnership with GPSat Systems. From working on aerospace, mining and defence projects to protecting Australia’s satellite navigation infrastructure against GPS interference, we’re experts in taking on new industry challenges. Find out how we’re collaborating to strengthen the future.

Our international partnership with Baoshan Iron and Steel, the second largest steel maker in the world has gone from strength to strength. Much like their steel products after collaborating with UNSW’s Laboratory for Precision and Nano Processing Technologies. Find out how we’ve developed new production methods to revolutionise the field. 

Fire and Rescue New South Wales have partnered with UNSW researchers to develop improved fire models for more than 15 years. These models have been used in criminal and forensic investigations, informed state legislation and influenced building codes and standards. If you’ve stepped into a building in NSW you’ve benefited from the results of this partnership. 

When a mining professional joined forces with UNSW to take on an industry issue, innovation was only a matter of time. Through unprecedented industry support, researchers received access to exclusive sites and resources. Resulting in the team becoming world leaders in the field and greatly enhancing Australia’s international reputation.  

UNSW Water Research Laboratory and the Greater Taree City Council have transformed over 700 hectares of degraded landscapes into functioning wetlands. This research collaboration made national news and received community volunteer support to get underway. Learn how this partnership has helped restore the wetlands and community trust along the way. 

If your organisation wants to develop more efficient and effective operations look no further than our partnership with RayGen Resources. Our collaboration has produced the highest ever efficiency rate for the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Discover how we’re innovating the field of sustainable energy with our global partners.