Industrial Training

Industrial Training allows UNSW's industry partners to work with current students and to identify potential future recruits. Students have the opportunity to gain exposure to a professional workplace, culture and expectations.

Portrait of apprentice engineering worker young woman working, examining and operating CNC plastic injection molding machinery in factory warehouse after studied manufacturing apprenticeship program certifies XXXL
Industrial Training plays an important part in any engineer's professional development and UNSW welcomes the opportunity to engage with Host partners.

What is Industrial Training?

UNSW Engineering students who have Industrial Training as a program requirement, must complete 60 days of approved Industrial Training (IT) to graduate and qualify for accreditation by Engineers Australia (EA).  All undergraduate students undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), including dual programs, and postgraduate students studying the Master of Engineering (8621) program must complete 60 days of ‘Industrial Training’ (Engineering related).  

Industrial Training is undertaken as Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at UNSW. Students must source their own Industrial Training placement; learning employability skills to prepare for a future career.  Opportunities can be sourced via the Jobs boards or undertake real-world projects offered by UNSW.

Students must gain approval for a placement before commencing.

Key Points:

  • Engineering relevant Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

  • Self – sourced

  • Supervised 

  • Comply with FairWork

  • Gain approval before commencing a placement 

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