Be inspired to explore a career in engineering

An important part of the Women in Engineering program is raising the awareness of engineering as a potential career option for young women. We want to shatter the perception that engineering is a profession for men involving hard hats, physical labour and heavy machinery. Engineering is an extraordinarily diverse field and UNSW has an illustrious history of women graduates making impact in the areas of medical science, environmental stewardship, world health and energy innovation. These engineers require lateral thinking, creativity, problem-solving and management skills.

Discover our Young Women in Engineering club at UNSW, an inspiring community for high school students who are interested in STEM careers, studying maths or science or want to explore what engineering is all about.

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Undergraduate Scholarships 

UNSW provides a wide range of Women in Engineering scholarships to support high-achieving women, non-binary and gender diverse students throughout their degree.  Apply here and search for ‘Engineering’ in the keywords.  

We recommend you apply for as many scholarships that you are eligible for to increase your chances (not just WIE scholarships). 

Postgraduate Scholarships 

The UNSW Women in Engineering Scholarship was established to assist women, non-binary and gender diverse students of high academic achievement and leadership potential, with an interest in undertaking research in engineering. 

WIE Scholarship blogs

Take a look at our blogs written by Women in Engineering scholarship recipients, with tips on how to write your application, ace your interview and what it means to have a scholarship!

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If you are a domestic student applying for an eligible engineering degree at UNSW Sydney and expecting an ATAR within the FEAS eligibility range, we encourage you to apply for the Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (FEAS). This can be done in one of two ways:

  • through the GIE FEAS Program which is run through the Girls in Engineering Club each year from February to May; or 
  • via the UNSW Portfolio Entry program, an alternative pathway for students who want to study at UNSW.
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