UNSW Engineering students are expected to be familiar with and adhere to all UNSW rules, policies and guidelines. This includes complying with conditions of enrolment, acting responsibly and observing standards of equity and respect.

Academic integrity & plagiarism

UNSW students are expected to behave in accordance with  UNSW's Student Code of Conduct. This includes issues of academic integrity, equity and respect, lawful and appropriate behaviour. Academic integrity is an important expectation of all university staff and students. All students must ensure they avoid plagiarism in their written and oral work. It’s the student’s responsibility to understand this issue.

Plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of other people’s work, including the copying of assignment works and laboratory results from other students. Plagiarism is considered a form of academic misconduct and can result in some severe penalties. More information is available on the Current Students website.


You’re expected to spend approximately 10 hours per week studying a 6 UoC (units of credit) course, from week 1 until the final assessment. This includes both face-to-face classes and independent, self-directed study. In periods where you need to complete assignments or prepare for examinations, the workload may be greater. You should take the required workload into account when planning how to balance study with employment and other activities.


Regular and punctual attendance at all classes is expected. UNSW regulations state that if students attend less than 80% of scheduled classes, they may be refused final assessment.

General conduct & behaviour

Consideration and respect for the needs of your fellow students and teaching staff is an expectation. Conduct which unduly disrupts or interferes with a class is not acceptable and students may be asked to leave the class.

You’re expected to observe standards of equity and respect in dealing with every member of the University community. This applies to all activities on UNSW premises and all external activities related to study and research. This includes behavior in person as well as behaviour on social media (e.g. online groups set up for the purpose of discussing UNSW courses or coursework).

Behaviour that is considered in breach of the student code of conduct can lead to severe penalties, including suspension or exclusion from UNSW. This includes conduct that is discriminatory, sexually inappropriate, bullying, harassing, invading of another's privacy or causing any person to fear for their personal safety.

Work health & safety

UNSW policy requires each person to work safely and responsibly, in order to avoid personal injury and to protect the safety of others. Read more about our Health and Safety Policy.