Postgraduate articulation

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What is articulation?

Articulation is an alternative pathway which enables students to progress in a defined pathway from one qualification to another with credit.

Articulation is an alternative pathway that you can attain indirect entry to the 8543 Masters of Information Technology or 8338 Masters of Engineering Science degree. The following Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Masters can articulate with each other. This means students in the Graduate Certificate can transfer to the Graduate Diploma or the Masters degree provided they meet the conditions for articulation. 


Grad Cert

Grad Dip


Biomedical Engineering




Cyber Security                       




Engineering Science




Engineering Science (Petroleum Engineering)




Food Science




Information Technology




Mine Geotechnical Engineering




Mining Engineering




Note: Students who articulate will receive recognition of prior learning (credit transfer) for all eligible courses completed in earlier programs in the articulated suite.

  • You must achieve an overall WAM of 65 or above. You must also have completed the program in order to articulate into the higher qualification, or completed a minimum 18 UOC (Engineering Science only). Students who articulate do not have the option to graduate in the program which they are articulating from.

    Note: Please check the program entry requirements to ensure you are eligible to apply for the transfer, and if you are required to provide additional information for assessment.

  • Once in the final term of your current program, you can apply to articulate by completing the Postgraduate Internal Program Transfer (IPT) Webform. Applications for IPT will open from the Monday, Week 9 of the current term, and will close a week prior to the start of the application term. Specific deadlines are listed on the webform.

    Note: IPT requests cannot be accepted after the deadline.

    Your request for program transfer will be assessed when the final results for the current term’s enrolment are finalised. If your application for program transfer is approved, you will be advised via your student email and the change will show on your myUNSW student profile by Week 2 of the new term.

  • Downwards Articulation (Early Exit)

    Students can also the IPT (Articulation) webform, to exit with a lower award 

    eg. Masters > Graduate Diploma > Graduate Certificate.

    How to apply for Downwards Articulation
    • If you have met all of the program requirements for the lower qualification by the end of the current term, you will need to use the Early Exit/Graduation Request form.
    • If you have NOT met the program requirements for the lower qualification but intends to complete a downward articulation, you will need to apply via the PGIPT webform.

    If you are unsure about any program requirements, please contact The Nucleus: Student Hub or submit a Progression Check Request with your proposed downward articulation program listed.

  • If your application for program transfer is approved, you will require a new eCOE. UNSW will automatically issue you with a new eCoE so there is no need to apply.

    If the program transfer results in your expected duration of study being extended beyond the length of your current visa, it is your responsibility to apply for a Visa Extension from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

  • Students can only transfer between degrees if they have not been completed. Students who have completed and been awarded their program cannot articulate but may apply for admission to the higher-level program. If your application to the higher-level program is successful, you will be subject to the credit transfer rules applicable to that program.