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Our alumni community is a testament to the success and achievements of our graduates. They represent a diverse and accomplished group of individuals who play a vital role in our university community.

As we continue to grow and evolve, the contributions and achievements of our alumni remain a source of inspiration and motivation for our current and future students. We are proud of our enduring legacy as we continue to build the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering community.


The Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering has strong linkages with many industry partners in both our research and teaching programs. Below are some links outlining mechanisms for funding, and we are happy to discuss these and other opportunities. We welcome enquires about collaboration, research contracts or graduate employment opportunities through. Please email us at

Meet our alumni

Meet some of our distinguished alumni who have made a mark in their respective disciplines.

Learn more about our alumni community

UNSW is proud to offer ongoing support to this thriving community, providing special access to the University’s educational resources, and opportunities to connect with old friends, new mentors, and future collaborators.

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