Alumni stories

UNSW Kensington Campus

We present the stories of our graduates who once walked these halls and have since gone on to achieve career success at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering UNSW. Our alumni community is a vibrant and diverse network owing to our innovative learning experience. Below, you will discover inspirational personal journeys from our alumni community as they offer insight into career milestones, personal experiences and the impact they’ve made in their communities. We acknowledge and celebrate our graduating students as we draw strength from each story.

Anne Simmons

Former Provost, UNSW

“I worked in implantable defibrillators, inflatable pacemakers, the bionic ear, dialysis. So, when I went out into industry, I got all that experience and thought I need to give back to the students of the future.”

Jevan Arulampalam

Senior Project Manager, Corin Ltd Australia

“Everything I have in my career started from UNSW.


James Otton

Cardiologist, Liverpool Hospital NSW
Cardiologist, NSW Cardiology
Conjoint Associate Professor, School of Medicine UNSW

“Biomedical Engineering at UNSW gives you the basis for understanding change…I wouldn’t be where I am now in terms of being able to offer my patients the best that’s clinically available.”

Tsing Lee

Chief Growth Officer, Valiant Finance

“The great thing about engineering is it teaches you how to look at data and numbers, so you learn to break really complex things down to smaller parts.

Chris Roberts

Chair of Board, TEDI-London

“I’ve had a 40+ year career in medical devices and the foundation for that career has been Biomedical Engineering from the University of New South Wales.”

Prashan Paramanathan

CEO & Founder,

“What I do now is really driven by the curiosity that was fostered during my time at UNSW doing Biomedical Engineering”.

Daneh Turner

Regional Research Manager ANZ, GE Healthcare

“UNSW Biomedical Engineering has given me all the core technical and practical knowledge and experience that I needed to get to this point.”

Rylie Green

Head of Department, Bioengineering, Imperial College London
Professor, Bioelectronics

“You don’t always know exactly where you’re going, but you make the best decision at any given time…”

Antonia Workman

Firmware Engineer, Cochlear Limited

“Really exciting technology that I’m able to delve into...seeking out opportunities and really being open to them.”

Kevin Ambosta

Field Service Engineer, Abbott

“Being a graduate of Biomedical Engineering, it’s taught me a lot about anatomy, and how the body interacts with the heart…and the skills and tools needed to succeed in my career.”