Our research

Biomedical engineer looking through a microscope in a lab

UNSW Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering is one of Australia’s leading biomedical engineering schools with a maximum ERA research excellence ranking awarded in the latest 2018 rankings. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of Australians with life-threatening or debilitating diseases and conditions.

This is highlighted through the quality of our research and teaching outcomes relevant to the development of applications in the human health sector.

We are excited and passionate about the work we do in this field. Every day there are reports of novel and revolutionary health technologies, as well as improvements in health and wellness due to improved diagnostics and therapies.

Research areas

Our researchers are working to develop innovative health technologies for the world in a range of diverse areas from bionic devices, advanced imaging to cancer nanotechnology and tissue engineering. Browse our wide array of research areas to learn more.
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Postgraduate research

We offer several postgraduate degree options including Masters degrees and Graduate Diploma level coursework programs and a Masters or PhD in research programs.
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Undergraduate research opportunities

The School’s flagship double degree in biomedical engineering (Bachelor of Engineering / Master of Biomedical Engineering) holds a high reputation as an innovative and high-quality educational program with more than 500 students currently enrolled.
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We invest in world-class facilities and laboratories to support our experts in fundamental, applied and translational research.
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Workplace health and safety

Our School is committed to providing the highest standard of health and safety for everyone in the workplace.
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Scientia program

Join a leading research community who share a vision of improving and transforming lives through the global impact of their research.
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Find a research supervisor

If you’re considering a future in research but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Our helpful database of research supervisors will make it simpler to find the right academic to guide your journey. Search our list of UNSW Engineering postgraduate research supervisors and familiarise yourself with our postgraduate research programs
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