Student Life

Student Life at UNSW Engineering is vibrant and inclusive with a variety of opportunities to enhance your university experience. We support your social responsibilities as much as your education and career journey.  

We’re conveniently located in Kensington and Randwick, with public transport services at your door and the opportunity to explore many of Sydney’s great attractions. Our campus has everything you need, from fantastic student accommodation and sporting facilities to numerous food outlets.   

Campus Experience 

Our UNSW Kensington campus has the convenience of a self-contained “mini-city” – with cafes, food outlets, banks, a post office, medical and dental centres, a pharmacy and a newsagency. The UNSW Religious Centre, where most faiths are represented, is for all students and staff at the University. 

Learn more about UNSW campus life.  

Location & Transport 

We’re close to Sydney’s CBD as well as beautiful beaches in Manly and Bondi. If you’re living off campus, we have excellent bus services with train links to make the commute easy and accessible. UNSW also offers express bus and light rail services from Central Station and free shuttle bus services from Green Square Station during the semester. Visit our estate management website for more information.  

Student Accommodation 

We offer a wide range of long and short-term options for student accommodation. This includes catered on-campus colleges, self-catered on- and off-campus apartment and private rental homes in surrounding suburbs. UNSW Accommodation also assists students in finding off-campus housing and provides general tenancy advice. Visit UNSW housing for more information. 

Mentoring & Support Services 

UNSW Engineering has a mentoring program to help all new students adapt to University life. It’s an excellent way to find support and establish friendships and networks during the early weeks of your first year. 

Various other UNSW student services also offer programs and workshops. Our UNSW Counselling Services can help you through this period of adjustment if you feel you need the support of one-on-one counselling. 

The Learning Centre offers academic skills support to all UNSW students. All programs are free and consultations are confidential. 


Our Women in Engineering program supports female students at UNSW and inspires young women to pursue careers in engineering. Through a range of personal and professional events, high school programs and scholarships, learn about how we’re raising female representation in the industry.

Explore a range of student resources and services to support your undergraduate and postgraduate study. Including key contacts, program rules an to help you get the most out of your university experience.

We specialise in providing practical, hands-on learning experiences to supplement classroom theory. Work with multidisciplinary teams led by researchers and join our 60-day taste of research program to gain a broader sense of how real-world projects operate. We also offer the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program, giving undergraduates the opportunity to work with postgraduates and academics on ambitious, long-term projects.

We award students through a variety of initiatives, ensuring good work is acknowledged and recognised. These accolades include the Dean’s Award and Dean’s Honours List, as well as faculty-specific prizes.

The ChallENG Program connects UNSW Engineering students, academics and companies to real-world, project-based learning initiatives. With exposure to a multidisciplinary learning approach, you’ll earn academic credit and develop your technical and design skills.

At UNSW, we’ve created the largest network of connected makerspaces and workshops in Australia. Join our makerspace network to support our strategic goal of cross faculty collaboration, industry engagement and project-based learning.

Subscribe to our learning abroad notices and information events for updates on short programs and student exchange. You’ll also find out about research overseas, internships and volunteering.

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