Alternate pathways

At UNSW Engineering, we understand the path to undergraduate or postgraduate study may not always go to plan.

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To help you expand your study options, we offer numerous admission pathways that consider more than just your grades. We’re looking for students who demonstrate their suitability and readiness for the challenges in their chosen area of study – those who have the potential to become excellent Engineers.

Undergraduate Alternate Admissions Pathways

Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (FEAS)

Our Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (FEAS) is an alternate pathway for high school graduates who don’t meet the required ATAR. If your ATAR is within 7 - 10 points of the required selection rank, we’ll evaluate your ability in math, physics and other sciences as well as attitude and motivation.

Undergraduate Certificates

An undergraduate certificate gives students an introduction into their degree of choice. It consists of four introductory courses over two terms. Once you've completed these courses students who meet the required average mark can transfer into the relevant bachelor's degree. If your ATAR is not what you were expecting this is a great way to ensure you can still make your way into your desired undergraduate degree at UNSW Engineering. Find out more about our undergraduate certificates below. 

Postgraduate Alternate Admissions Pathway

Engineering Postgraduate Admissions Scheme (EPAS)

Our Engineering Postgraduate Admissions Scheme (EPAS) is an alternative pathway for students considering postgraduate study. It applies to students who don’t quite make the cut-off weighted average mark, across all UNSW Engineering schools. Find out more about the interview process and eligibility criteria.