Support the next generation of engineers

Get involved with the Women in Engineering program and community. We offer various scholarships and mentoring programs for current and future engineers at UNSW.

Diversity in the workforce generates more ideas and stronger solutions, and adds to a company’s profitability. A recent world-first study conducted by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has uncovered direct proof of the link between greater gender diversity and business success. It found that: 

  • A female CEO increases market value by 5% – worth nearly $80 million to an average ASX200 company.
  • A company’s market value increases by 6.6% or an average of $105 million if 10% or more women have other key leadership positions.
  • Businesses with fewer women are more likely to underperform.

The Women in Engineering program has been carefully conceived and developed with the aim to inspire high school girls to pursue engineering degrees and careers, and to support women studying engineering at UNSW.

  • To attract high-achieving women to UNSW Engineering, we invite you to partner with us by supporting a Women in Engineering (WIE) Scholarship, to increase participation rates and elevate the status of women in engineering. These scholarships are open to women studying any engineering degree and provide successful applicants stipends of up to $10,000 per year for the duration of their degree.

    A scholarship alleviates a student’s financial pressure and can eliminate the need for them to take on part-time work. It allows recipients to fully absorb themselves in their studies and participate in co-curricular projects that enhance their learning. Scholarship students emerge as highly trained, sought after graduates and hit the ground running in their chosen fields. 

    By helping to build a more gender-balanced engineering profession, we can ensure greater productivity and design solutions that benefit our whole community. Investing in the Women in Engineering program will enable UNSW Engineering to attract and retain even more ambitious and bright female students, grow the pipeline of visible and active role models for women, and bolster the number of female graduates empowered to make their mark on the world.

    If your organisation is interested in supporting a Women in Engineering scholarship, please contact the Student Industry Engagement Manager, Victoria Miller by phone: + 61 2 9348 0823 or by email:

  • The Women in Engineering Student Society (WIESoc) runs a highly sought-after Industry Mentoring Program, providing students with the opportunity to directly connect with industry representatives through one-on-one mentorship. In the program industry mentors will interact with mentees to provide the students with deeper insights into their respective companies and professional environments.

    As a mentor to UNSW Women in Engineering students you can:

    • share your passion for engineering
    • give back to the engineering community
    • share your professional experience
    • improve your mentoring skills.

    For further information on mentoring a Women in Engineering student, please contact the WIESoc Industry Mentoring Program.