Student life

Expand your student experience by exploring our diverse range of extracurricular societies, clubs and student support resources

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Whether you’re a local or international student undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate study, we have activities and resources to enhance your time with us.

Student clubs & societies

Our student cohort engage in a diverse range of clubs and societies, depending on personal and professional interests. Discover the wide array of groups open to School of Computer Science and Engineering students.

Prizes & awards

Don’t let your hard work go unrecognised, learn about the many prizes and awards available to students at the School of Computer Science and Engineering. Find out about eligibility requirements, how to apply and key dates all in one handy place. Apply and let us celebrate your academic excellence. 

Student projects

Conduct your own original piece of research when you undertake an undergraduate or postgraduate special project. Explore your area of interest while developing key research skills and enhancing your knowledge. Find the information you need at your fingertips, from fees to prerequisites and course details.  

Elite Students Programme

We run a programme for elite students enrolled in the Computer Science, Advanced Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering and Bioinformatics Engineering programs (and associated double degree programs) which allows them some scope to vary their program to cover more challenging content or become involved in School research projects. 

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