Prizes & awards

UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering takes pride in recognising and celebrating outstanding academic achievements and contributions to the field.

Photographs taken throughout the engineering dead awards

Our exclusive prize ceremony gives award winners, guests, industry sponsors and school representatives the chance to reflect on their accomplishments during this special event.

UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering Awards 

We’re proud to partner with a diverse range of industry groups and institutions to recognise the hard work and dedication of our students. Our annual awards include individual and group prizes.  

  • Prize name Prize winners
    The Amadeus COMP9322 Prize Marhadiasha Kusumawardhana
    The Atlassian COMP2511, 1st Prize Jonathan Clark
    The Atlassian COMP2511, 2nd Prize Ray Clark
    Arista Networks COMP9242 Prize James Nugraha
    The Displayr COMP4931 Prize, 1st Place Vivian Dang
    The Displayr COMP4931 Prize, 2nd Prize Nicholas Malecki
    The Displayr COMP4931 Prize, 3rd Place Lucy Qiu
    The Hero of Operating Systems Prize Yu Hou
    The Jane Street COMP3141 Prize, 1st Place Sean Zammit
    The Jane Street COMP3141 Prize, 2nd Place Michael Gribben
    The Jane Street COMP3141 Prize, 3rd Place Nanway Chen
    The Jane Street COMP3161 Prize, 1st Place Chengyan Yao
    The Jane Street COMP3161 Prize, 2nd Place Ryan Fallah
    The Jane Street COMP3161 Prize, 3rd Place James Davidson
    The Jane Street COMP6752 Prize, 1st Place Courtney Darville
    The Jane Street COMP6752 Prize, 2nd Place Vincent Jackson
    The Jane Street COMP6752 Prize, 3rd Place Vivian Dang
    The Norman Foo Memorial Best Research Paper Prize Annette Spooner
    The Microsoft Performance Prize for Year 3, 1st Place Andrew Kaploun
    The Niel van der Westhuizen COMP4121 Prize Felix Lempriere
    The Optiver COMP6771 Prize Kevin Luxa
    The ROKT COMP2041 Prize Chengyan Yao
    The UpGuard COMP3411 Prize Ryan Barry
    The UpGuard COMP3511 Prize Kangying Lin
    The UpGuard COMP6714 Prize Xiaohan Zhu
    The UpGuard COMP9243 Prize Michael Gribben
    The UpGuard COMP9319 Prize Andrew Kaploun
    The UpGuard COMP9444 Prize Aaron Blackwell
    The Wargaming Sydney COMP6741 Prize Ian Dunkerley

    The Optiver SENG3011 Group Prize

    Sophie Collins
    Thomas Lo
    Erin Moss
    Madison Phillips
    Michelle Seeto
    The Murray Allen Prize in Computer Science Benjamin Sho
    The Anita Borg Prize - 1st Prize Gabrielle Younes
    The Anita Borg Prize - 2nd Prize Amy Zhou

    The Macquarie Seng2021 Group Prize

    Alexander Georges
    Veeraj Sharma
    Allen Wu
    Monica He
    Sheina Tengara

The Anita Borg Award 

The Anita Borg Award recognises students who’ve made a significant contribution to the benefits of computing for women. If you have an excellent academic record and have completed two years of full-time study with us, you may be eligible for this prestigious award.  

History of the award  

Dr Anita Borg co-founded the (formerly, The Institute for Women and Technology) in 1997 with the vision to change the world for women and technology. The Institute aims to connect, inspire and guide women to develop to their highest potential in technical fields.  

In 1999, Anita Borg visited UNSW and conducted a workshop in science and technology for primary school girls. It was the first workshop of its kind for this audience.  

In recognition of her significant contribution to women in computing and to UNSW, Gernot Heiser and Trudy Weibel established the Anita Borg Award.    

Prize details 

Nomination: If you’re a Computer Science and Engineering student, you can be nominated by a peer, staff member, or you can opt to self-nominate.  

Deadline: November 2021 

Prize amount: $2000 


To be eligible for the award, you must: 

  • be a local or international student studying an undergraduate or postgraduate program  
  • be enrolled and studying a program offered by the School of Computer Science and Engineering including double degrees 
  • have completed two-years full-time study by the end of the year before the closing date. 

Selection criteria & how to apply 

The award will be bestowed on the following basis: 

  1. The recipient has contributed to the promotion/enhancement of the benefits of computing to society. This includes encouraging or facilitating the participation of women in computing.
  2. Meritorious academic performance, including outstanding performance in the field of computing. 

If you’d like to apply, simply submit a one-page document with:  

  • a description of how you meet the selection criteria above, paying particular attention to criteria 1 
  • your student number 
  • full name.  

Once you have completed your application, email Shayne Harries