Technology's impact on education is vast. At the Computing and Education research group, we want to explore, understand, evaluate, create, and drive technology's impact on teaching and learning. Our expertise ranges from education technology, learning sciences, and educational psychology to cognition.

Our diverse team contribute to advancing world-class education with projects like DCC, an educationally focused C compiler used to support first-year programming students, with over 5 million student compilations to date. DCC picks up common errors other compilers miss and teaches novice programmers how to solve them.

Our 30-year online role-play project allows students across disciplines to immerse themselves in complex scenarios such as political negotiation simulations, work in teams, and develop hands-on skills. Outside of the classroom, our researchers also investigate fundamental cognitive processes, such as the role of animations when presenting complex learning instructions, and how we can use embodied cognition to better support learning.

Heads of research group

Associate Professor in Human Computer Interaction

Nadine Marcus


Jake Renzella

Our people

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Associate Head of School (Education)


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Senior Lecturer & Associate Head of School - Engagement Gelareh Mohammadi
Senior Lecturer & Associate Head of School - Engagement
Deputy Head of School (Education) John Shepherd
Deputy Head of School (Education)
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 Sasha Vassar
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